The Devil You Say

People used to believe that if you were mentally ill, or you suffered from epilepsy  you were possessed by demons:





So they locked those  poor souls away to live their lives in torment and despair.

And I used to think and wonder- who could do that to a person? Who could take a someone who can’t fend for themselves and scare them every single day and night for the rest of their lives?

It would definitely take somebody who is evil…possessed by it one might say.


In Memory Of A Baby Monster

From You to You
Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

baby monster

 Dear Baby Monster:
  Remember all that stuff you wanted to do?
The writing, the music, the adventure the loyal dog at your side and how bad you wanted the long hair wavy hair like Ann Margret used to have?
You did it kiddo.
You set the course for yourself and by age 50 you did it.
Sometimes when I look back on it, I can’t believe it.
Remember that summer those kids attacked us and cut up our face and that boy kicked our head so hard we had headaches for a couple of months and we didn’t care because when our head hurt we couldn’t think about what we had been through and that was fine by us?
You survived that- at 14!
In something that should have made you less you held on to the things that you wanted to do and it happened.
You ended up writing, you traveled all over the country you were a musician and you did most of those things before you were 23.
You gave up playing music but you ended up loving the symphony.
I’m not sure how you did it Baby Monster but when I have a bad day or I have to face a challenge or a loss ( I hate to say it, but we’ve lost a lot of people and pets we really loved ) I can see you in the mirror- mangled face, black eyes and I remember what our sister said,
” The day that happened to Anita, I remember she walked in the door and her beautiful face was all cut up  and she didn’t shed a tear, not one. She was so strong. “
You were a great kid Baby Monster and I’m glad you are part of my life. 
You weren’t fat.