Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned – and it was really bad this time

We lost power on Saturday.

This freak windstorm blew through  out state- which is also on fire  – so over the weekend I did a lot reading and other non-electricity related activities.

And then I did something I am not proud of.

I used my laptop, which was fully charged, to charge my phone. That’s right. I allowed my phone to drain the life from the thing which actually serves a purpose in my life.


You read that right. Instead of using the my laptop, which is where I do all of my writing to actually write, I used it  to  charged my phone.

I even have a Freedom Pop mobile hotspot with a fully charged battery too and I could have written and  blogged  on line for a good eight hours total which would have been plenty of time for the two days we had no power.

Instead, I drained the life from my laptop to feed my freaking phone which I only used to goof off on facebook and take pictures of my dog and cats who seemed to enjoy the storm.  I also used it to  call and bitch with my friends who had no power too, and I only did that when I remembered to turn the ringer on so I could hear calls come through.

And did I mention I used my phone to play a Halloween Game that’s sort of like Tetris and Hangman?

I did a lot of that.


I feel so unclean.


 I figure my laptop is going to do something freaky, like it will develop some kind of Virus that will wipe out the Internet As We Know It and I’ll go down in history as the woman who killed the Interwebs and brought down civilization and sent us straight back to the Land of Dos

There’s a price to be paid for what I did.

I just know it.