Dear Holiday Buzzzzz Killerz

Straight up, I want to make it clear the ‘WAR ON CHRISTMAS’ is a bunch of hooey.

But there is an attitude out there that needs to be called out and I’m here to  do it:

 I would dearly appreciate if those among us who have appointed themselves the “Keepers of The Calendars” would just step back and let people enjoy the holiday in whichever way the Spirit moves them.

If people want to put up their Christmas Trees on Thanksgiving, STFU and let them put up their tree and keep your bony fingers OUT from under their noses.

If they want to Deck the Halls before December 1st how’s about YOU just letting them make things a little more cheerful for themselves and THEIR friends and family without YOU shooting your mouth off and ruining their fun?

In case you haven’t noticed- times are hard people have a lot to be sad about for different reasons, especially at this time of the year. So if they’ve found a way to celebrate would you FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS THAT SPARKLE LET THEM.

And before you go on a screed about when people should go shopping and why they’re working on YOUR HOLIDAY SCHEDULE  may I suggest you take a look at their bank accounts or ask then what’s going on in their lives before you slam ” shaming posts” all over social media about their bad behavior.

Some of you would make Scrooge blush and Dickens would probably sit there with his pen in hand and his brain would short-circuit because how do you capture a mean spirited Holiday shamer in ink? Hell. You’d have Stephen King and Clive Barker in tears and NOT in a good way.

So dammit, read a Christmas Carol, watch the movie the cartoon whatever- but I think that  Scrooge is alive and well in your heart and I’m pretty sure he’d rather NOT be.

Even Scrooge learned to have fun during the holidays-