Cupcake And The Corpse

Critical Eye

Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.


Yesterday a lovely cupcake presented by a freshly dug corpse from my very own backyard stunned an audience at Seattle’s very own EMP Museums Sky Church with it’s vibrant colors, precisely crafted fondant work and of all things actual gold flecks baked into the cake itself.

Despite the Deadman’s somewhat ripe and drippy appearance, he managed to navigate the crowd with the delicate Cupcake in hand as if he were an ice skater bearing aloft  his lithe delicious partner.

His part was more complex then one would realize.

It was truly sublime.

The Cupcake and the Corpse worked together to bring stunning images to both the minds eye and the ear- no easy feat being that the Corpse was responsible for maintaining a steady pulse, much like the proverbial heart beat ( if he had one so you can see the challenge he had to rise to!) and the Cupcake had quite a difficult role to play in this piece as well- it had to rise sweetly above a crowd of hungry admirers while being carried up to the apreciate heavens  by a skeletal hand with a ring rolling around on it’s finger.

The composer of this stunning piece T. Agony

Agony has proven himself a supberb baker whose work has risen above the usual Cupcaking and entered the realm of the Gods by way of complex frosting, surprising flavors all while seemingly being held earthbound by darkness and decay.

Bravo T. Agony! Bravo!