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I have missed writing, I have missed watching the words sail from my head to my fingers to my screen- or from paper to pen I have missed doing the one thing that I have always felt I do well.

So I bought myself a new lap top- which was a need to because even though my Toshiba has never failed me, it’s old and so is the operating system and you know, I felt like it.

I also felt like treating the writer in me to a little gift because I pushed her into a corner and paid attention to things like politics-

which is my favorite sport but I can say that about playing Frisbee with my dog and you don’t see THAT consuming my life.

Oh and I’ve taken up some hobbies but in the middle of drawing and coloring it occurred to me that these things should add to my writing skill set, not take it’s place.

So here I am, after saying I was going to buckle down and start writing again and faded off making a go at daily writing again.

I have a nifty new toy to write on, I have been soaking in the atmosphere and giving myself those little speeches about accomplishing life goals and if I don’t tell stories and write what am I supposed to do then?

Who am I supposed to BE if I don’t do this?



2 thoughts on “Turn Write Here

  1. I cannot imagine you NOT telling stories. Yes, it IS what you do so very well. There are so many statements floating around, so often said they are cliched at this point…”A writer is someone who writes because she has to”…or “needs to”…or this reason or that, but what I never hear is what I think of when I think of you: that a really good writer writes simply because she CAN.

    • Exactly Stephanie!
      That’s what I have been telling myself- it doesn’t leave you much room to make excuses to yourself or anyone else- you do it because you can.

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