The Light

fb_img_1445721032451.jpgThis morning I was outside, walking in the bright spring sunshine and it came to me-an epiphany- it didn’t hit me like a lightening bolt or a runaway freight train- it brushed against my cheek like a sunbeam.

From now on I’m only going to write about the beauty in life.

I’m going to workshop and wine and cheese my way into being a woman who writes about women’s issues, I’m going to write poetry and stories about the female experience, after all I’m a woman and shouldn’t I be writing about THAT?

And in the true spirit of sisterhood I’m not going to make fun of female folk singers or Geogia O’keeffe paintings anymore.

I’m going to wear earth tone colors and learn to be one with myself and to celebrate the female experience and

oh my God I am SO going to go to Hell for this post.

I have never in my life sat down and written so many lies-


I swear, I can hear Baby Jesus crying right now.

Do you think I’ll be forgiven if I say it was all an April Fools Joke?


If you find a burnt spot on the ground in front of my laptop I guess we’ll know the answer.


Until then, I’m going to cleanse my brain with alcohol and cupcakes.


2 thoughts on “The Light

  1. I knew you had to be joshin’ all the while I was screaming “NO! NO!”. But it could be fun to write about wine and cheese from a darker point of view. 🙂

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