As much in the same way all of those yellow flags turned up at the Dawning of The Teabagger Party, the newest battle cry to be screeded out over the interwebs is


There is no flag for that one.

But it does demand three exclamation points.

I don’t know why.



Right now there is a huge donnybrook in the Democratic party involving Superdelegates and their votes.

There’s an idea that Superdelegates should vote with the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

So no matter how strongly they feel about a candidate and why their vote actually belongs to THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.


Once I was sitting at a table with some friends who by any standards are well educated, well read and well traveled.

That was they day I learned that Mars stops turning all together and THEN it begins to rotate BACKWARDS and communications systems all over the world fail.

I was stunned, speechless and all I could think to say was that if they found ice on Mercury I guess anything is possible.

The wagging fingers came out, and I was gently yet firmly told that ” idea” was so silly. Where did I hear it?

NASA I said.

There was lots of winky, winky isn’t she funny looks shot around the table and the topic was changed.

My point is, at that table the majority of people at that table believed Mars all of the sudden stops, and then it starts to spins backward and when it does your cell phone, laptops and microwave ovens fail.

THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE determined this.

So it must be right and true.

I thought you should know.





2 thoughts on “THE WILL 0F THE PEOPLE!!!

  1. I remember way back in some history course the professor telling us that the reason the founders of the nation established an electoral college was so the electors could override the results of a popular vote if they thought the person elected by the majority was not qualified to be president. I suppose that thinking could be extended to the delegate process in primaries? I used to think how wrong that was (if this is true). NOW, when I look at who most likely will be our choices in a general election, I hope that it is true.

    • The Superdelagtes have always gone with the candidate with the most pledged delegates.

      Right now one campaign feels it would be to its advantage if the Superdelagtes went with them even though they’re behind in pledged delegates.

      All I know is I bet the Republicans wish they had Superdelagtes.

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