Amuse Me, Please!


” I’d kill to be able to write again” the sad Writer with a serious blockage problem said to the other writer who had never suffered in such a state before.

” Do you think that could actually work, really?” said the Other Writer.

” I’m getting desperate, I’m willing to try anything” the Blocked Writer said as she wiped the back of her shaking  hand over her eyes.

She sobbed.

The other Writer took her friend’s hand away from her eyes. ” Do you really think that could work? Really?”

” I’m so desperate. And what do  you know? You’ve never been through something like this.

” You’re right about that”, the Other Writer said as she pulled the knife from her jacket and slid it across the Blocked Writer’s throat.

The Other Writer caught her in an embrace before the Blocked Writer fell to the ground.

” This could be like the apple a day thing. Thanks.”



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