Anita Marie Was Here- Again

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At The Crossroads

Today I was doing an image search for ” Crossroads” because I wanted a new picture for my header here at my blog.

Each image I came across was dark, what was beyond the crossroad itself hinted at desolation all of these images implied that if you were here at the Crossroads you were lost and probably damned.

Avoid the Crossroads- that’s where Deals are made with the Devil- so the story goes.

I’ve found myself at the Crossroads over my life- and though I’ll have to admit they are lonesome places to be because we do arrive there alone I can’t say I’ve been frightened by my predicament.

They are familiar places to me and I’ve long since accepted them as my home away from home.

I suppose people are afraid of the Crossroads because we are supposed to find our path and stick to it, create a path and stick…

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