An Invitation

 Today I embark on a Curious Adventure Before Halloween

Photo A.M. Moscoso

If Madness is place we can travel too and it’s ruled by Gods, I have to wonder:

Do they demand you put nothing above them, not even sanity? Can you question it? Can you wonder about it and above all what sacrifices do the Gods of Madness want?

The invitation came by way of post-and it was delivered to my Mailbox- my real mailbox that exists in the real world.

It was not an EVITE or a FB invite. I almost didn’t know what to do with it. Oh yes.

You slide a knife into the paper and tape and open it.

Funny, the things that slide away from you when you ignore them.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My invitation turned out to be a book.

I opened the book and saw it was hallow- it was book safe.

But what did it hide?

It’s just a silly game I told myself as I went over the things that had spilled out of the package in front of me as I sat at my table.

It’s just a silly game that came through the mail. I sat at my table and laughed.

Oh what the hell, I thought. I’ll play along.

I’m a writer this will be fun.

So I opened the door ( invitation )and stepped through and hours later after I had read newspaper clippings and spent all of that time with silver obelisk that had fallen out of the package along with other curious bits and pieces,when I  I realized the lights were all off and I was sitting in the dark-

and laughing to myself.

I thought.





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