A home is a place that reflects who you are on the outside

Photo A.M. Moscoso

and it reflects who you are on the inside

Photo A.M. Moscoso

You should be able to be yourself at home

Photo A.M,Moscoso

and celebrate all of those things that make you who you are.

Photo A.M Moscoso


“No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.”
Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House

Australian Advent Calendar: Getting Your House In Order

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