Meet Halloween’s Lil’ Sister- Valentine’s Day

The stores are stocking up on their Valentines inventory and gee whiz I can hardly wait for the big day to get here!

The interwebs will be awash with pictures of disembodied hearts and little demonic creatures flying through the air against a backdrop of pink clouds ( pink is my favorite color ) with bows and arrows clutched firmly in their little hands and there will be stories galore about people vowing to love each other until the day they die and beyond.

Valentines Day, it’s like Halloween but nobody is grossed out by soon to be corpses in love or little monsters who are armed and can fly in stealth mode or internal organs  wrapped in ribbons and in some cases being carried by birds.

Oh. And Candy is involved. I love candy.

So let’s all coast along  with a song in our hearts until the big day gets here and as we do that, let’s reflect on cadavers, candy and cacodemons in silk.

That’s what I’ll be doing. You know it. Right?

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