A Little Magic

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Magic 8 Ball Lyrics

I’ve got a horseshoe hanging right above my door
I had a black cat but she doesn’t live here anymore
I look for romance, I search for clues and
The mystery I want to solve is you

I cross my fingers every time that you walk by
(- that you walk by)
I put the whammy on you with my hypnotic eye
But you’re oblivious, don’t take me serious
So there’s one last thing that I can try

My magic 8 ball tells me just what I should do
(- what I should do)
I wanna ask it whether I should be in love with you
Will it tell me yes or no?
(- yes or no?)
Will it tell me stop or go?
I close my eyes, hold my breath and it says…

Decidedly so, decidedly so, decidedly so
Decidedly so, decidedly so, decidedly so
My four-leaf clover is going right into the trash
My rabbit’s foot my voodoo doll will follow fast
I’ll step on every crack, you know I won’t look back
Because now my lucky streak is gonna last


Photo A.M. Moscoso