The Flower Room

RDP Friday: ROSE

At my last job, we had a ‘flower room’.

That’s the room where we kept flowers before we set them out for the Funerals.

I buried the lead, sorry.

I worked in a funeral home and we had room where we kept the flowers.

Because the room was windowless and fed non stop by a state of the art air conditioning unit, it was cool. It was also the room you went through to get to the embalming room.

The door  to the flower room was never open for very long.

I’m sure you understand why.

Artist: Henri Fantin-Latour

So this is what happened after being around the heavy scent of flowers.

Every time I am around flowers- like if I’m in a garden center , or in the flower section at the grocery store or someone is wearing perfume and the high notes are floral, I have about 5 seconds to enjoy the smell before it’s chased away by the  memory of the scent of a freshly embalmed body.

The memory passes as quickly as it happens, but after all of these years it still does happen,

But it’s also a reminder- roses and lilies and other flowers most certainly do  represent love and life and beauty and who does not want a bunch of those bad boys showing up on your doorstep on Valentines Day with a little gift on the side?

Sadly, in my case,  the scent of roses is tinged with a sad reminder about life and how frail it really is.

I still love flowers- I just wish their scent stayed with me a little longer before I am reminded that it is all very, tragically, temporary.