The Fearsome Bermonths

Photo by David Cassolato on

The Bermonths are here.

They rode in last night in tombstone gray Jeeps with dogs riding shotgun and Robert Johnson blasting from the speakers.

The Bermonths have arrived and they will turn the skies dark and they fill them with black clouds and snow and rain.

The Bermonths are here and they are goin to turn the the soft green leaves of Summer dry and orange and red and brown .

The Bermonths are here and they wake up the ghosts sleeping in graveyards and call to the monsters that have been hiding all year in basements and attics and from under your bed and from out of neighbors closets and from that hole you dug in your garden in the middle of the night to open their eyes and come out and smell the cool, dark air.

The Bermonths are here and I think we should all be a little afraid.

And pleased.


September 1, 2019