Halloween Cerebration

Me and my Mom went through the same routine every Halloween.

” What do you want to be for Halloween? You want to be a Princess right? Or how about a cat or Cinderella? I know how much you love Cinderella. I stopped at Woolworths before I caught the bus home from work tonight and you should see all of the pretty masks and costumes they have!”

I took a breath and was about to answer and Mom bravely soldiered on, I mean when I look back at it I don’t know how she could do this dance with me




” Oh I know! We could go to KMart. They have even more costumes then Woolworths and I’ll even treat you to an Icee AND popcorn.”

I considered her offer because as determined as I was to choose my own costume…we were talking Icees and Popcorn.

Normally when we went to Kmart I could only have one of the two treats and I would stand there for minutes-jamming up the line to the blue light special signs- not because I couldn’t decide on what but I knew I was only going to get one treat in the end and as a kid I was sort of jerk.

” I already know what I want to be-“

” No.”

” But Mom- “

” I said no!”

” Why not? Everyone else gets to be what they want for Halloween so why can’t I?”

” You know why. Because it’s not appropriate that’s why.”

I stamped my foot and wished I could make sparks fly up, but NO I couldn’t do that either.

” Big deal. I want to be a Devil and wear horns and carry a pitchfork and maybe take Blackie with me.”

Blackie was my dog. He used to try to bite anyone he got his nose close to.

” Absolutely not. You’re not going to dress up like the Devil and you’re not taking that ill behaved dog of yours out with you.”

” Why not? I crossed my arms over my chest and went for the kill. ” It’s because I’m a girl right?”

” Every year, every damned year we have to go through this… not it is NOT because you’re a girl. It’s because I will not allow you to dress up like your Grandfather on Halloween. What is wrong with you?”

My Mother stomped off and I knew I was going to be a stupid Princess or a Fairy and that my dog who could do more then bite people would have to stay home.

When I was sure my Mom was in the next room I stomped around in circles and spat out every curse word I knew and as I had my traditional Halloween tantrum little blue and red sparks flew up from under my feet and a few of then scorched my Mom’s rug.

When I was done I actually felt a little better.

I yelled as I followed my Mom into the next room, ” Hey Mom, Can I really get an Icee and Popcorn if we go to Kmart?”