Note To Holiday Haters

With the holidays approaching and still not quite here  I’m already hearing a lot of Christmas Music and Jingle Belling and loads of bitching and moaning about how commercial  Christmas is and how Thanksgiving only exists so  that the Poultry industry can make some serious coin  and New Years Resolutions are pointless.

For Pete’s sake, I mean SERIOUSLY, I write about death and despair and evil and not even I have sunk as low as to ruin someone else’s Holiday Spirit, not even in print when I’m telling a made up story and everyone in it are made up characters who designed to take a hit of negativity.

If you think so little of this time of year, I don’t know- join a Facebook Group full of other Holiday Haters  and spread your Debbie Downer-isms there,


I’m off to write stories about Grave Robbers and Demons.

Be good, be kind and try not to be such a dork- people are trying to have a little fun and feel happy.


Alexa- Summon Krampus

RDP Friday – Decorated

Vintage Krampus Holiday Card

This year  the Christmas theme


Casa del  Moscoso

will be…


I know, BIG surprise right?

I’ve got a month to


and in that time I will be searching for and expressing the spirit of


in print, in food, and most Christmassy of all -in decorations.

Just to make sure I leave no stone unthrown- I mean over turned

I just my have to resort to asking Google or Alexa for some help- not that I have access to Alexa but I would like to drop in at some of my friend’s houses and say something like:

” Alexa, summon Krampus “.

So far all I have are my Christmas cards and are they ever PERFECT:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The question is, do I send these to my friends and family who have naughty or nice ?

I know, it’s a puzzle but that’s okay. It’s part of the fun and this year for Christmas I intend to have a lot of that.


Ash Tree Dreams

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday – Ash

” Ash Dome ” David Nash

I have

Metal teeth to grind you

into something new

a vision a story maybe a song or a poem

a thought that flashes from one part of your brain to the next

like a thunderstorm

rolling across a frozen wasteland

raging to be heard.