Isn’t That Sweet

As we reflect on the year gone by and plan for the year that will soon be upon us

I have been turning this thought over in my head.

What do you do when you see people blowing kisses and likes to each  other on Facebook but in the real world they’re trash talking each other and throwing other people under the bus?

I’m serious- do they think those two realities won’t over lap at some point because say…oh I don’t know horror writers are always looking for a good idea and twisted people to base their characters on-for example-writers like me.



Here There Be Devils

We are at a place in time

where children are caged, even babies and toddlers,

with orders that they not be touched or comforted

and purposefully broken

because they are ‘the other’  because they are not white.


We are at a place in time

where this is okay with some people –

not because of ‘national security’


because it  makes them feel good , happy,  righteous and superior.


We are at a place in time

where the deaths and pain of children

are fueling a Political Campaign.


Hell is empty

and indeed,

the devils are here.



When Angels Sing


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Be kind

be thoughtful

be patient, tolerant and understanding

the better angels in me sang

and I was


( and you knew there was as Until waiting to wing it’s way in, didn’t you?)

I found myself surrounded by

none of these things

and I looked in the mirror

and saw a mark on my forehead

and that mark was a word

and that word


” Sucker ”

The lesser angels in me are singing now

and their song is loud and bitter.

I have learned it’s tune and each day

I find myself singing the words a little more strongly with gusto and relish

in a darker yet more balanced world.

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In 2020- I Promise To…

You may not have guessed this about me, but I am actually a pretty good cook or at least I used to be. I’m out of practice.

So for this year’s New Years Resolution I have dusted off my favorite recipe books– which are out of print but still available  out there in interwebs land and I’ve bought some new kitchenware ( thank you family for the Gift Cards, that’s what I am using them for )

Lucky me, my family and I actually do family dinners on the weekends and me and my brother and sister switch off from week to week so this is my chance dust off my skills.

To put a fine point on it, my  family like my cooking in the past- so I have a reputation to make good on. You could say that the pressure could is on but I like cooking so I’m actually good with that.


I’m confident that I can succeed with this resolution, but considering I normally just resolve to have fun in the upcoming year and write everyday and those are easy peasy it could be a little tougher to see this one  through.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?