The Cookie Jar

On Friday I had to take my dog, Hamish Macbeth  to the Vet’s- his paw was bothering him and he had been licking at it for almost a week.

At one point the swelling went down and flared back up so there was no googleing ‘ how do I cure my dog’s itchy swollen paw’ for advice ( because I’m not trusting my dog’s health to the interwebs ) and it was off to the Vets for us.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Hamish waiting for the Vet- he’s pouting because we had to leave reception and he was having fun out there!

Here’s the thing about Hamish, he considers the discomfort of an exam or an inoculation a very small price to be paid for getting to be around other cats and dogs and people who are animal friendly- plus he gets so cookies so it’s all good in Hamish Macbeth’s books.

He is cookie jar half full kind of personality.

Lucky for Hamish it was only a slight infection and we went home with some drugs and by Monday I knew he was feeling better because he spent the weekend playing with his toys and jumping up and down on the bed- which he had stopped doing when his paw started to bother him.

But if you ask Hamish what the best part of the visit was- he’d probably say it was the nifty new toy he got…others have referred to this toy as


Remember though- he’s a half cookie jar full kind of personality:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

That’s right.

Hamish loves this thing.

He loves bopping me with it and then running off. He figured out how to careen off the walls with it when he’s running around the house. He even figured out a way to trap my cat under it.

Here’s the thing.

When we left the Vets Hamish was not happy. I mean his foot hurt, he was a champ when the Vet had to handle it and examine the spaces between his nails and the pads, but that could not have felt good. He had also been having loads of fun and when it came time to go…

he wouldn’t get in the Jeep.

So I had to pick all 84lbs of him up from the ground  and lift him into the back seat of my jeep and then I had to clip his seat belt onto the back of his harness ( did I mention he was sitting on his seatbelt and wouldn’t move off of it…BOL Hamish ).

Once he was set I told him he was a good boy and that we would be home in a jiff- and instead of smooching me which is something he does when I put my face next to his-

he sneezed on me.

In case you are curious- I did no get bent out of shape or angry.

Hamish is a Cookie Jar Half Full type of personality and he’s entitled to an off day or an off 10 minutes  and if he can end that off day by turning THE CONE OF SHAME into a nifty new toy how could I ever be angry with him?

He makes me laugh and smile-always.

Photo A.M. Moscoso