And It’s Not Even Close to Halloween

Masks for Halloween and Mardi Gras and Robbing Banks, right?

Well not anymore, now we should wear them when we go out for Public Health and Safety reasons.  I actually have a stash that I came across in my pantry but they won’t last forever, besides I should look into getting additional face masks for ‘after’ so I took a look around to see what my options are-I know if you promise your soul to the Gods of Toilet Paper Hoarders you COULD buy some.

I also see that people are making them.

I found two options that are practical in my case- so here it goes:

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Here’s a video I found on making a no sew face mask with bandanas and rubberbands- looks good. I might try it. The only bandanas I own are the ones my dog’s groomer puts on him after he’s been in for a beauty treatment so I might use those for this:

On the other hand, Amazon has a plague mask that comes with surgical masks to wear under it:

Both are perfect for me. I’ll do a follow up post when I decide which to go with. If you have any thoughts on which I should use, let me know!