The Kitchen In The Woods

RDP Wednesday – VISUAL

I remember

a small cool room at the back of the house

encased in smooth plaster walls turned beige with age.

Grainy yellow light filtered through a row of dusty windows.

Shelves lined with ceramic cannisters decorated with  labels of  grapes and apples rolling pins and sunflowers.

 Swollen tin cans entombed in darkness behind tall cupboard doors

 A light green cake plate waiting to be fed  sits upon a wobbly splintered wooden  table surrounded  by four worn out mismatched kitchen chairs

 Hanging from the wall, next to the black iron stove

a row of well sharpened, shiny  knives

twinkle like starlight on a clear cold winter night.

My Grandmother’s kitchen


her house in the woods.

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on