The Spider At The End Of The World

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The Spider left her web to cross the ceiling

With six of her eyes scanning her path and her two side eyes ever watchful for anything that might try to sneak up on her, she carefully made her way silently, carefully across the ceiling.

There was a lot for her to be concerned about, her home after all was in the Ancient Civilizations wing- and unlike her many children who stilled remained in the museum and had nice safe homes in the  or the Natural History wing ( where they blended right in and their Mother felt they were the safest) The Spider had to keep all of her eyes peeled.

At night, as it did every night,  the world ended.

Below her, as they did every night, the mummies in their glass coffins turned and rose up and their shades disappeared into the shadows.

The waking mummies servants fell from their shelves like pebbles rolling down from the top of crumbling pyramid and as they struck the floor their small forms shivered . They stood , lifted their chins up and hearing familiar voices from beyond the museum walls they walked single fall towards the doors- not the fake ones,  but the doors that the  guests used  and one by one the little stone servants  disappeared as they crossed the threshold.

The Spider turned her eyes to the floor and she watched  as men with the heads of dogs stepped down from their stone pedestals and women with the heads of lions followed them. They moved slowly as if they had all the time in the world to go to where it was they were headed towards and the Spider supposed they did.

On this night and this night only the Mummies, the servants and their Gods stopped and without out looking from left or right, without turning around the Spider new they were listening, that they heard something, that they could smell someone approaching.

She knew because she could sense it too.

This was the night, the one and only night the Spider, the Mummies, their Gods and their Servants looked up at the ceiling and they looked through the ceiling and above them the Moon was full and bright and it was watching them.

It was watching all of them.

Even the Spider.

Someone whispered, ” they’re coming back.  And tonight they will be more powerful then ever.”

” Tonight? All of them? ” a woman’s voice did not ask as much as she expected and demanded an answer.

Each voice answered yes.

The Spider would have said yes too, if she had a tongue.

” Then we have to hurry. Now. Hurry!”

The Caravan of the Dead took their places in line and they moved towards the doorway as relentlessly as a cold autumn wind blowing across a treeless field.

As they did every night as the world was ending, they fought to bring the daylight back to the world and every night they won.

Which is good for the Spider, her children and us.

But on Halloween when the Moon is full the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is not just thin- it is completely gone.

On those nights you might see a member of the Caravan stalking a Grandmother in her best Sunday dress, a man in a suit with a long stitch running up the back of his jacket, a young woman with a face that looks like it was carved out of wax or clay trying to outpace the ghostly and ghastly figures behind them.

But they never do- and for those of us who breathe and sweat and lie and cheat and love and get mad when our phones loose their signals, for those of us who do not have wax heads or smell like embalming fluid,  we better hope it stays that way-

Like Spider  does

especially on


when the Moon is full.

Halloween 2018 Writing Challenge Prompt:

#2 A Spider’s Travel Through an Exhibition

October 1, 2020

During the Industrial Revolution we went from  handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing. Somewhere in the transition someone got the bright idea that you could treat the human body like a machine and the result was that there was a glut of ” medical ” equipment and treatment plans for everything from Gout to  ” Lady Problems ” that could be solved with-


Today is October 1 and Halloween is 30 days away.