Forr Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with ‘m’.” Use any word that begins with the letter “m” as the subject or theme for your post. Enjoy!- 

I chose ” Macabre “

Each day in October

I give myself permission to capture

each dark cloud  that drifts by.

Each day in October

I  go looking for monsters

from the second I open my eyes to when I close them at night.

Macabre and Merry Mayhem

strikes my still heart  to life with a peal of thunder

each day in October

and every single night.

The Nervous Tenants

Word of the Day Challenge: Nervous



Did I check the basement door

a hundred times before

I went up to the attic  last night?


Did I lock the  front door

check the windows


a hundred times before

I walked the halls to my rooms

each night?


I can’t say, I can’t remember

if I checked the locks on the doors

a hundred times before

but I know I should, I know I must

because I hear desperate  voices ask each other all night

” Did you hear that? Did you see that?”

When I haunt my house

each night.