The Monster on Washington Street

I saw a monster

on my way home from work yesterday.

It was standing by the boarded up pizza place

with it’s hands buried in it’s pockets

I tried to not look at it

as I walked by

I tried to pretend it wasn’t there

but that was a lie

and we both knew it.


” Want some pizza? ” it said.

I didn’t shake my head, I didn’t slow down, I just kept walking.

” I can get you some pizza, if you want it. ”

I was almost past  the monster just a few more steps and I would never see it again

Just keep going, I told myself.


” Hey Anita, want some pizza? ”

It knew my name.

The hairs on my neck stood up, my spine stiffened.

My lip curled above my teeth.

” Come back here. I’ll get you some pizza and then I’ll snap your neck. Got that? I’ll get you some pizza and then I’ll-”

I stopped. I turned around. It had threatened to snap my neck.

My neck


The monster looked at me.

The hairs on it’s neck stood up, it’s spine stiffened, it’s lip curled over it’s teeth.

” Get away from me. ” It said. ” Get away from me.”

I pulled my hand out of my pocket and as I did I flexed my fingers and one by one  my long sharp razor claws broke to the surface.

” I can get my own pizza. ” I said as I drove my thumbnails into each of  the monster’s eyes. ” I can get my own damn pizza. ”


There’s a monster on Washington Street, its turns the same corner everyday.

Stay away from  it.

Don’t talk it, don’t bother it.

Just let it walk on by.

And whatever you do, if you are going to offer it pizza- you better not be playing around.