One More Time

Word of the Day Challenge: Gloom

Artist Unknown

I really did try to make the best of the Christmas holidays.

I decorated, I cooked, I sent out cards and listened to hours of Christmas music. I refused to let myself get sucked into the gloom that hung over the festivities like a noxious cloud.

I even tried to write Christmas stories- to be fair I’ve never been able to pull that off but at least I tried, again.

My efforts weren’t exactly a roaring success. The only upside is I didn’t eat a lot and I didn’t step foot into a Mall once. So, hoozah for me.

Now Christmas is over and on one hand I’m relived because I wore myself out trying to keep a stiff upper lip and I’m exhausted.  On the other hand I’m sad because there is no going back and changing what a wash out the holidays were and time is to precious to fritter away.

I suppose I could try to make an effort to make an occasion out of New Years Eve-after all if there was ever a time to see the year out in a big way- then this is the year to do exactly that.

So to sum it up, Christmas was a bust but New Years Eve is on it’s way so let’s try to give the Season one last try.