Tabby’s Letter


Putting my Feet In The Dirt December Writing Prompt #1- Deliciously Dangerous


Dear Santa ( Saint Nick read by firelight )

I would like a girl Ninja outfit

( well, that’s doable thought Saint Nick, she’s on the Nice List )

and if it’s possible I would also like a Ninja sword

( hmmm, we have those on hand, they’re made from good and heavy solid plastic and the child’s name can be embossed on the handle in just a twinkle of an eye )

I have been very, very, very good this year and I have obeyed my parents and did everything my Father put on my chore list and I didn’t sass him back one single time. Also,  I didn’t even have to have my Mom remind me to feed my dog.

( That’s a plus Saint Nick thought. Not forgetting to feed the family dog is a BIG plus in Santa’s book- FYI)

So if I could ask for one more teensy eensy gift I hope you will think it’s ok, here it is. I’d like one of those books that summons the Dead and teaches you Curses that you can cast on your enemies. I’d like the one with the Pink glittery cover. My parents can only find the boy’s black leather book around here and I think that’s super ugly.

I hope you have a great Christmas too and please give the reindeer lots of



Tabby Morningstar

After Saint Nick read Tabby’s letter he set down his coco checked his list twice, like he always does and then he nodded.

” Why the heck not Tabby, I think we can make this happen. “

Krampus- Karol of The Bells

It would not be Christmas without Krampus.

So today, to start off the Season, here’s a little tribute to my favorite Christmas legend.


Children take care!
Please be aware
All that you’ve done
Will come to bear!

Have you been good?
Behaved as you should?
Those who have not
It’s understood

Krampus will come
Looking for some
You are not safe
Best that you run!

You’re on his list
Not what you wished
This Christmas time
You will be missed!

There is someone watching over all that you have done this year
Every little boy and girl please listen… Keep Christmas spirit alive!

If you believe
Given reprieve
Don’t lose your faith
Next Christmas Eve

Christmas is real
Show how you feel
If you forget
Your fate is sealed!

As you grow old
You have been told
Stay warm of heart
Keep out the cold

Now that you know
Reap what you sow
You have been warned
You have been warned!

All of you naughty children best prepare for some yuletide fear

This will be a very scary Christmas
If he finds you on his list
This will be a very scary Christmas
Quiet now I think he’s here!