For Real?

Peter Ferguson

One of my favorite things to do when I am here, looking for inspiration for my stories or poems I like to sit down and just start typing words or phrases. Sometimes I will take a notepad and just doodle until the words decide to show up and make sense.
Sometimes they never do and sometimes I end up with with wild stuff but it’s fun. I also find it relaxing.
Surrealism – my favorite art form does the same thing. It’s about looking for a story and not being afraid to let it happen with no expectations for what it ‘should be.’
I remember when I was younger my stoner friends used to like to smoke a little herb and look at surreal paintings and claim they ‘saw what it meant’.
On the other hand, I always wanted a perfect clear head when I looked at these paintings and prints because there is a story in each image and I don’t want to miss a thing.
Here are three pieces for you to get lost in- just don’t forget to come back.
I’ve heard that happens sometimes.

Courtney Hopkinson The Milkmaid

Leonora Carrington ZOE IN WONDERLAND