Why? Just WHY?

I want to know what makes you tick,

I want to know how you  create the twisted thoughts

that you have.


Is it your heart? You brain? Your tongue?

Are those organs of  yours disobedient  little animals running around in

your body

like the common cold or the flu,  are they the reason

that you think and say the things that you do?


I’d like to know for sure but I’m pretty sure if I explored this

question with the attention to detail it deserves

I’d probably get life, the chair, the noose or would it be the needle?


Still. I’d like to know what makes you tick and what runs around

in your head,  non-stop in the middle of the night.

Do those things have claws, teeth, marrow in their bones?

Do they ever stop racing, sleeping  and dreaming

in that empty dark shell that is your skull

will they ever stop feasting on your cold unbeating heart?

Photographer Unknown