Maga-Girl V Beetlejuice

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Mega MagaGirl Lauren Boebert got her self entitled backside tossed out of a touring production of ” Beetlejuice ” in Denver at the  Buell Theatre last Sunday.

Not believing for ONE SECOND that the house rules regarding using electronic devices to record the show, and causing disruptions during the performance  applied to her she went ahead and acted the same way she acts when she is on the Floor in Congress  and did whatever the Hell she wanted to do.

But wait!

Unlike when she is squatting in Congress because she was elected to squat and now  we have to suffer through her moronic behavior,  ticket holders at the Beetlejuice performance are not bound by that bad judgment call that was made in the district she represents and Buell Theatre had security escort her out.

That’s right. They kicked her ” I’m gonna marry me a perv Ma! ” butt right out of there.

Now I have to ask are we surprised that she is reported to have asked ‘ do you know who I am?’  and then threatened to contact the Mayor and get some people sent to Gitmo ( well, she didn’t say that but I’ll BET she was thinking it )

First of all I’m not sure that she really asked if ‘they’ knew who she was because as the estranged spouse of a man who exposed himself to a teenage girl and a young woman at a  Colorado bowling alley and did jail time for indecent behavior, probably works off the  assumption that EVERYONE in Colorado knows her.

I do believe she said she’d call the Mayor because she’s an idiot and a pathetic human stain who would throw away a pin  honoring a child who died in a shooting :

All snark aside.

Why is it that when the world feels a bit more sane, a little more civil the Lauren Boeberts of the world show up and douse the entire shebang with gasoline and hit a match?


GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert heckled Biden as he spoke about veterans dying of cancer, including his son


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