Garvy Myles Fell

Inspired by the Experience Writing Visual Prompt Dimensions” by Alex Andreev

Artist: Alex Andreev

As Garvy Myles and his brick apartment building  fell from the sky and the world around him flipped and tumbled from side to side , Garvy Myles kept his balance, he remaind upright, Garvy Myles was as sure footed as a mountain goat and he remained steady and calm  on his own two feet.

Garvy Myles was very pleased for himself.

As the world crashed downwards, and it would keep crashing upside down for as long as  the Earth called the Universe it’s home, Garvy knew from his perch he would be safe, he would remain strong and steady on his own two feet.

But then something happened that shook Garvy Myles to his core.

Did this Earth shattering event happen an hour after the word  turned upside down and fell ? A month later?  A thousand years from now? Does the date matter ? I don’t  think it does. What is important is that there  came a day when Garvy Myles saw a car speeding below his perch.

The car was upright, it was moving forward, it was racing for it’s life , it knew where it was going even as the world crashed around it upside down and rained  chunks  of shattered homes ariound it.

Garvy held onto the railing, he leaned over as far as he dared and he willed his building-which in another life had been called View Ridge Heights- to dive now,  to move quickly- this instant -as the racing car passed directly beneath him.

As Garvy’s building continued to crash, upside down a little faster then it had been movie before,  he saw the car racing away from him.

It was upright, it was moving foward, it’s wheels  were holding firm to the road beneath it

Garvy watched the car until  it out of his sight. Then he feel to his knees and as he clutched the railing  he felt a little less steady on his feet. He definately felt a little less sure of himself.

Then  he wept and he bellowed in rage and he would keep raging until the Universe his world called it’s home was no more.

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