Night Light

RDP SaturdayVariegated Skies

When I saw today’s RDP prompt, my mind jumped straight to the works of Victorian era artist John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Grimshaw’s art tells a  wonderful story and the story teller here is the night  light that gives voice and expression to  everything it touches. The trees, the buildings,the clouds, the figures traveling along the roads paved with granite and wet dark earth. Each of these elements add something to the narrative.

John Grimshaw is famous for his night scapes, so the story might be a dark one but it’s a lively and invigorating one all the same.

I hope you enjoy the samples of John A Grimshaw’s work I selected to illustrate my post today.


John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) Nearing home

Near Hackness, a Moonlit Scene with Pine Trees

Written On Our Bones

RDP Wednesday – INSTINCT



Written on our bones-

the fear of snakes

the taste for revenge

tribal loyalty, greed and the urge to

make as many copies of ourselves as we can-

babies as they are called in polite circles.


Written on our bones

all of the times we have abandoned ourselves to our insticts

let them run wild like ill trained dogs

off the chain for the first time

 thirsty, starving, wanting more

racing blindly from one strange street to another

until we collapse

on a road, in a yard far away from home where our chain is waiting

for us to return

Gelato Super Fan


I don’t like Ice Cream.

I am not a fan.

In a pinch I’ll grab a cone if Bubblegum is available, but it’s usually not.

I am here to say that I am proud be a Gelato Super Fan.

Photo: Fainting Goat FB

The difference between Ice Cream and Gelato are basic- Gelato has less milk fat, it’s served at a warmer temperature and has a denser, smoother texture a result of churning less air into the mix while it’s freezing.

Plus the taste of the cone isn’t a player in the game, like when you eat ice cream you notice it. With gelato you don’t. All it does is hold the gelato and gives it a little crunch.

I usually don’t eat Gelato from a cone, I want to dive in and cones get in the way.

My favorite is Honey Lavender- I actually enjoy Rose too. I know that sounds funky, but if it’s done right ( like the way it’s made at The Fainting Goat ) you don’t taste the flower flavor- but when you’re done eating it you’ll catch the fain scent of flowers and on a nice Spring or Summer day that’s a really neat sensation.

Photo: Fainting Goat- behold my FAVORITE flavor!

I haven’t been back to the Fainting Goat for awhile and because I don’t live in King County, I probably won’t be back until the State is opened back up. But I rain or shine, Summer or Fall the minute that happens I am making a bee line for the Fainting Goat…The best place ever for Gelato Super Fans Everywhere- well, if you live around Seattle anyway.

If not, it will be worth your while to find your go to spot. It is WORTH IT to have one.

Photo: Fainting Goat