Hamish and His Big New Years Eve Resolution


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Me and my best friend Kit were doing what we always like to do best on Friday nights.

We sit on our favorite bench in our favorite park and watch the lanterns flicker on just as the Sun sets.

The lanterns are old and I think they use those new bulbs that are supposed to last for a year but they still buzz and click before the lights pop on.

” Are you going to give it a try tonight?” Kit asked me.

” I dunno.”

” Well. It was your New Years Resolution. It was your only resolution. Are you seriously going to not even try?”

The lanterns buzzed and clicked and like magic the lamp posts glowed to life.

I stood up. Squared my shoulders. l lifted up my chin and closed my eyes.

” Oh for Pete’s sake what is the point?” I  asked. ” It’s not going to make me taller or  cute or thinner or sexier or smarter. ”

” It’s all about follow through Hamish. Go on. Give it a try.”

” This is stupid. ”

” Yes. But you swore on your Mother’s grave you’d do this. So get to it.”


We were talking about my Mother now and she was pretty damn great as far as Moms went.

When Mr. Finch and his two sons tried to put a bullet between my eyes because I was different and  touch on the emotional side when I heard Mozart and I was and still am fond of wearing pastels and getting mani-pedis,   it was  my Mom  who took matters into own hands and wiped the deck with all of them.

” I’d do it again Pumpkin ” she said as Doc Frances set her broken arm and taped her cracked ribs. ” Now, go on downstairs and see about dinner, would you? Doc helped me bring it in- on top of everything else he’s done for us  tonight.”

” I could eat a horse. ” Doc Frances said. ” Patching you up is hard work Domino.” he told my Mom.

Before anyone could say another word I turned tail and raced downstairs to the kitchen. I was determined to make the best dinner ever for my Mom- my beautiful brave Mom- and I did.


” Okay. For Mom. ” I squared up, closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

My first one ever since I turned in a Werewolf over 60 years ago, like everyone in  our family does when they turn 10 years old.

” How’s it feel?” Kit asked. He stood up on his hind legs and pushed his paws against my chest. He nuzzled at my chin the way cats do.

I exhaled a small jet of air from my lungs into his face.

” God.” Kit flinched and sneezed and gagged. ” What is that. I mean it Hamish. Did something crawl in their and die?”

” I don’t think so. I think it was something I ate.”

We looked into the bushes  behind our bench.

I shrugged, Kit flicked his tail.

” Well. Be that as it may, you kept your New Years Resolution,  you took your first breath in sixty years. Congratulations Hamish.”

” Happy New Year to you  Kit. Now let’s go see about dessert, shall we?”

The real life Hamish and his BFF “Kit ” Micey.
Photo A.M. Moscoso


When Angels Sing


Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Be kind

be thoughtful

be patient, tolerant and understanding

the better angels in me sang

and I was


( and you knew there was as Until waiting to wing it’s way in, didn’t you?)

I found myself surrounded by

none of these things

and I looked in the mirror

and saw a mark on my forehead

and that mark was a word

and that word


” Sucker ”

The lesser angels in me are singing now

and their song is loud and bitter.

I have learned it’s tune and each day

I find myself singing the words a little more strongly with gusto and relish

in a darker yet more balanced world.

Photo by Keenan Constance on Pexels.com

My Dark Companions

There been


Wolf at my door


Hell Hound at my heels


 giant black dog that followed me home in the snow

and disappeared when I  turned around and called him to follow me inside.

Next time I will stop and whistle softly,  call a little more gently

to bring my nervous companions in darkness to my side.

Alexa- Summon Krampus

RDP Friday – Decorated

Vintage Krampus Holiday Card

This year  the Christmas theme


Casa del  Moscoso

will be…


I know, BIG surprise right?

I’ve got a month to


and in that time I will be searching for and expressing the spirit of


in print, in food, and most Christmassy of all -in decorations.

Just to make sure I leave no stone unthrown- I mean over turned

I just my have to resort to asking Google or Alexa for some help- not that I have access to Alexa but I would like to drop in at some of my friend’s houses and say something like:

” Alexa, summon Krampus “.

So far all I have are my Christmas cards and are they ever PERFECT:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The question is, do I send these to my friends and family who have naughty or nice ?

I know, it’s a puzzle but that’s okay. It’s part of the fun and this year for Christmas I intend to have a lot of that.


Ash Tree Dreams

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday – Ash

” Ash Dome ” David Nash

I have

Metal teeth to grind you

into something new

a vision a story maybe a song or a poem

a thought that flashes from one part of your brain to the next

like a thunderstorm

rolling across a frozen wasteland

raging to be heard.