The Abdominal Doctor and His Melting Face

RDP Friday: MELT

I begged, I pleaded, I swore to be the best 7 year old kid to have ever existed  if my Dad would just please, please, please take me to see ” The Abdominable Doctor Phibes. ”

My Dad would tell you I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed so he made me repeat the title a few times.

” What is it about?”

I had heard about Dr Phibes on the playground and I struggled to put together the pieces, those magical pieces of a story together.  ” It’s about a guy whose face melts and his wife is dead but I think she isn’t because she is still pretty and he sneaks into someone’s house and  makes grasshoppers eat a lady’s face and the Police try to catch him but they can’t because he’s a Doctor and he’s smart. Also he can’t drive but someone else drives him around so he always gets away, oh yeah, I think he’s dead but not like his wife. He looks dead. So I’m sure he is dead and his wife is not”

” You’re making this up.”

” No. It’s real. Please take me. Please, please, please! I won’t ask you to take me  anywhere again!”

As a rule, my Dad never took me to the movies or anywhere else where he didn’t have another adult to stick me with and if we did go anywhere together  it was to McDonalds or KMart and the deal was- I kept my mouth shut. So I figure he’d jump at the chance to ditch me once and for all and take me to the theatre where I could see Doctor Phibes and eat popcorn.

In the end despite my great description of the movie, complete with me acting parts out  I did NOT get to see Doctor Phibes.

My Dad took my younger brother who was traumatized by the movie and had nightmares ( Lucky dog, I remember thinking- I LOVED having nightmares) and my Dad went on to see all the Phibes movies.

I never got over that and I never understood it either.

So today I am posting this clip movie because it’s Friday- and Friday’s were made to watch spooky movies and I’m posting it because I want to make sure that nobody else is denied the chance to see one of the best horror movies EVER.

My Beautiful Grotesque

Someone coaxed you gently

out of stone or clay

someone tried to give you life

from marble and sometimes paint.

They twisted your smile into a scream

they gave you the face of a beast

then they set you away or placed you up high

where gentle human eyes cannot reach.

But I will come up after you,

I will gently carry you down

I will give you a home among my cats and dog

and place you where it’s always warm.

I will name you beautiful grotesque

and you can call me the same.

I wasn’t forged in stone or clay

but sometimes I feel that way.


A Dog’s World

RDP Friday: HIKE

Hiking with your dog, no matter where you go, will always be the best hikes that you will  EVER take

It is a fact, it is science.

To bolster my position on this matter, here are some fun things I saw with my dog Hamish Macbeth when we were out and about.

Photo by Mat Brown on

Hamish is a rebel, a rule breaker, a kitchen counter surfer extraordinaire and he does NOT care

about your stupid signs:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

We found a DB once- well, he thought it was and I let him have his moment.

It was Halloween after all.

Hamish is still my BFF even after I took a picture of a dinosaur trying to bit his butt.

Well, it was a chalk dinosaur but we were in the moment so it was real and he really was not thrilled to have to sit when we could be WALKING!!!

Photo A.,M. Moscoso

We found a dog park where Hamish could run around in the woods and play wolf.

At this time Hamish thought he was a cat, but I don’t think the other ‘wolves’ caught on to his secret-

and neither did  the few people ( NOT pictured because they  thought it was funny Hamish wears pink and WHY would I want a reminder of them? ) who seemed to be distracted by the fact that Hamish wears pink and he is a boy dog.

Boo! Mean people, you blow.

Photo A.M Moscoso

After he saw the eyeballs, he tried to eat the eyeballs.

Then he peed on one.

It wasn’t one of his finer moments and they weren’t our eyeballs.


We took Hamish on a hike in Olympia, Washington and there wasn’t anything he didn’t love about that day. He also slept straight through the night, but that’s probably because he trotted the entire 2 miles.

Silly Hamish!

Just a boy ( well, Hamish and Luis aren’t boys anymore, but you get it )  and his dog and a bay on a warm afternoon.

Hamish was ready to hit the water and swim away.

Swim away to where? You might ask.

Anywhere Hamish would say.

Anywhere in the entire world.

Merriam – Webster Wept


Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

I pondered, in solitude- what the benefits of being a solitary creature are-

and it came to me:

They do their best work

in solitude:


create epic novels and  passionate poems and snappy short stories


create images of life with a stroke of their brush

Santa Claus

leaves all those presents under millions of trees

with only cookies and milk to fortify him on his journey


Serial Killers

they do their best work alone too.

Photo by Bess Hamiti on


On Your Mark, Get Set, CONFORM!


Be kind

be tough don’t take any guff!

Be an Angel

better yet be a demon, with a skinny waist and a shapely behind.

Be smart

no wait!  Play it dumb, who needs college or science in the real world?

Choose, choose, choose- now be!

Oh no! You’ve made the wrong choice

try again

keep trying again

and again and again and again

the strain of it all might kill you

but don’t you want to get it right

don’t you want to fit in?

Lady of Slaughter


The Sun sent down a warrior

to make war upon his enemies

to spill their blood and break their bones and feast upon their flesh

where they lived, where they hid, where they saw

before they drew their last breath


the lioness

a goddess

an assassin of his creation.


When the Sun called his victorious warrior home

she heard his voice, looked up into the sky

but the words that fell to the earth

and landed in her ears

sounded like the roar of blood rushing through

ruined veins and salty warm torn flesh


fire raged to her jaws, to her teeth into her heart and claws

obedience unchained became a monster

and it

drank the blood and feasted  on the bones

of one and all


the lioness

a goddess

an assassin with no master to call her to his side.

The Sun

offered her wine

as red as blood

and this sweet blood

sang in her veins, it did not burn and it even made her smile

so she took to the sky

and returned to the Sun

and said,

” Anytime ”

And the Sun,

turned pale


burned a little less brightly

in fear

at the sight of his creation


the lioness

a goddess

an assassin who answers to no one.

When The Sickness Is A Soul

RDP Saturday: SICK

Cathédrale Saint-Paul à Liège – Lucifer avec sceptre rompu et pomme à ses pieds

My favorite, my brightest, who fell so far from me

As we stand here in this cage, in this darkness, the floor paved with the tears of the lost in our regret

Go  from the place  I you consigned to, come home, you’ve been cast out by a new Satan

And he feasts on the cries of children who are afraid, tortured and alone –