Gelato Super Fan


I don’t like Ice Cream.

I am not a fan.

In a pinch I’ll grab a cone if Bubblegum is available, but it’s usually not.

I am here to say that I am proud be a Gelato Super Fan.

Photo: Fainting Goat FB

The difference between Ice Cream and Gelato are basic- Gelato has less milk fat, it’s served at a warmer temperature and has a denser, smoother texture a result of churning less air into the mix while it’s freezing.

Plus the taste of the cone isn’t a player in the game, like when you eat ice cream you notice it. With gelato you don’t. All it does is hold the gelato and gives it a little crunch.

I usually don’t eat Gelato from a cone, I want to dive in and cones get in the way.

My favorite is Honey Lavender- I actually enjoy Rose too. I know that sounds funky, but if it’s done right ( like the way it’s made at The Fainting Goat ) you don’t taste the flower flavor- but when you’re done eating it you’ll catch the fain scent of flowers and on a nice Spring or Summer day that’s a really neat sensation.

Photo: Fainting Goat- behold my FAVORITE flavor!

I haven’t been back to the Fainting Goat for awhile and because I don’t live in King County, I probably won’t be back until the State is opened back up. But I rain or shine, Summer or Fall the minute that happens I am making a bee line for the Fainting Goat…The best place ever for Gelato Super Fans Everywhere- well, if you live around Seattle anyway.

If not, it will be worth your while to find your go to spot. It is WORTH IT to have one.

Photo: Fainting Goat


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