Night Light

RDP SaturdayVariegated Skies

When I saw today’s RDP prompt, my mind jumped straight to the works of Victorian era artist John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Grimshaw’s art tells a  wonderful story and the story teller here is the night  light that gives voice and expression to  everything it touches. The trees, the buildings,the clouds, the figures traveling along the roads paved with granite and wet dark earth. Each of these elements add something to the narrative.

John Grimshaw is famous for his night scapes, so the story might be a dark one but it’s a lively and invigorating one all the same.

I hope you enjoy the samples of John A Grimshaw’s work I selected to illustrate my post today.


John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) Nearing home

Near Hackness, a Moonlit Scene with Pine Trees

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