I tried to get into the 13th Doctor’s adventures, but for as much as I liked Jodie Whittaker, I wasn’t crazy about the stories so I sort of dropped in and back out again when the shows were on.

Then I just sort of dropped out and stayed out.

I’ve been watching Doctor Who since the mid 70’s and it was a fun ride but I was getting bored. I still watched it through Sylvester McCoy years ( and I did like those stories quite a bit ) but you could feel it- there was no where left for the Doctor to go- and when they tried  to literally  take a direction with  Paul McGann’s Doctor ( who I thought was great ) by sending him to the United States the fans had a collective meltdown and that was that for Doctor Who.

That aside it was obvious The Doctor needed an upgrade and Chris Ecceleston did that in a very big way and I was on deck once again.

So this is 13’s regeneration scene the special effects that followed were spectacular,  but that wasn’t the ‘moment’ that spoke to me.

Her  unflashy ‘goodbye’ was.

This is how people reacted- which is pretty awesome:

You might be wondering how I, as a major ” 10 ” fangirl reacted- well, I didn’t video myself but I will say that when that scene came up when I yelled the smoke alarm went off in  my living room and my dog hid under the bed for about 10 minutes- it may have been longer because I was too busy having an emotional moment to notice because…



My favorite off screen DW moment:


*Halloween Happy Freeday


Deck Those Halls!

Just a few decorations from Halloween past and present.

My son shot the video of the animatronic  possessed girl last week ( my favorite is when her head spins around and you can hear those gears crunching ) and the Pennywise mat is at his house.

The wreath and the signs are mine- I actually keep the tin signs up near my kitchen year round because they just work in that space.

I’d like to find something creepy cool to put on my deck, but nothing has jumped out at me- yet.

Photo J.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

H’ween Windows

This is my favorite collection of vintage Halloween songs this year!

I’ve included the play list and some very interesting Halloween greeting cards from the early 1900’s- I hope you enjoy these old fashioned sweet treats.


Bogey Wail, Jack Hylton Haunted Nights, Duke Ellington Mysterious Mose, Rube Bloom & Bayou Boys Dancing The Devil Away, Arden & Ohman Haunted House, Al Bowly T’aint No Sin, Fred Hall Nightmare, Cab Calloway With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm, Rudy Vallee The Skeleton In The Cupboard, Nat Gonella Midnight, The Stars And You, Al Bowly Got The Jitters, Don Redman & His Orchestra Nightmare, Artie Shaw The Devil With The Devil, Larry Clinton Orchestra The Jitterbug (Outtake) Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Buddy Ebsen & Bert Lahr You’ve Got Me Voodoo’d, Charlie Barnet The Boogie Woogie Man, Casa Loma Orchestra The Skeleton In The Closet, Louis Armstrong