The First Bite Is With The Eye

Photographer Unknown

I sat and I fretted

by candle light,  by moonlight, by starlight

and even because I was truly desperate

I sat and fretted by sunlight too.


Finally In desperation I clasped my hands to my chest and

I prayed as hard as I could-


was there a potion, a charm, a string of words

a howl of consonant  and vowels

that would wrap muscle around bone and skin  to

fingers, a face and toes?


Or would I have to scoop up these sad parts

from the Earth below my feet

and is this all I would have

for my  first All Hallows Eve treat?


Happy Halloween Music

For #100daysof Halloween Happy  ( Music )here are four songs that aren’t really Halloween songs, but under the right circumstances ( like this post)  they could be:

It’s a song about sugar and candy:

This song has a spooky sounding vibe:

A song about darkness, well the color black:

And of course this song is about an Evil woman and she may have been evil to only one man but let’s not get nitpicky: