Summer Leaves

Here where I live in Washington state it’s been unseasonably warm.

I have some FB friends  that live in this area that love the Sun in all of it’s skin eating glory. They worship the Sun with the same devotion  as the ancient  Egyptians did for the God of the Sun, Ra.

Just as a side note, their God has done for them exactly what the hot sands  of Egypt have done for their ancient counterparts and a few of them look like them now.

But I digress.

Right now most of them are feeling cheated by their God. We have two wildfires that are pumping smoke into the air and making those glory days feel and look dusty and smelly and the Sun hangs above it, mocking them all.

It shines above them offering it’s loving touch and in the end, cruelly denies them it’s kisses.

Safe to say, it doesn’t look like Summer, it doesn’t feel  like Autumn and it certainly seems like Halloween is a no-show. But in one corner of Toilet Town ( as I call the city I live in with some affection-and I must stress some – as in very little- affection ) is big box store that has a managed sneak in Christmas.

But have they snuck in Christmas?

Christmas is hidden in it’s garden center, where it’s cool. There are Christmas songs floating like the first fluffy snow flakes of Winter through the sound system and Christmas trees are lit and and pack the walkways and decorations are waiting patiently on the metal racks to leap out and latch themselves onto you- because they are hungry and just a word of advice-

it’s almost Halloween and their is a story that says this is when the dead walk the Earth, some of those Spirits are good and somen are far from it

and at this time of the year they wear costumes- all kinds of costumes, or maybe I should say

disguises of all kinds.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso



Black and Orange and Me

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I love Halloween- I know you’re shocked  right?

Well it’s true and it’s true that my love is so blind that I don’t ask why, I don’t question it. Seriously if Halloween was a person our relationship would border on psycho.

For example, black and orange are Halloween colors, they’re iconic in their own right just like Werewolves and Haunted Houses and Black Cats ( noticed I capitalized  them here) and I finally wondered why those colors.

So I did a little reading and gathered the following:

Orange is a no brainer- it’s a fall color. Back in the early days of Halloween when people made their own decorations, leaves, pumpkins  and other Autumn offerings were part of what they used. Orange played a  big part of the color scheme and with orange the golds and yellows of the fall went along for the ride.

As for black- that is an easy one. Black hides  in all of those places that scare us and waits patiently for it’s chance to pop out and screech ” Boo ” at us.

Who brought it all together?

That would be the Dennison Company, back in the 1920’s they started to produce  Halloween decorations and even if you don’t know who they are you’ve probably seen their products- I really should ask why more often when it comes to Halloween.

It was fun.

It’s A Heck Of A Thing

Years and years and years ago I picked up book called Night Visions ( anthology ) because I was a Ramsey Campbell fan. I read  his story first and at some point I started to read one called the Hellbound Heart- I read it through and at the end  of it I thought, ” well that was weird. ”

Then I read it a few more times and thought I should check this Clive Barker guy out  because I think I wanted to  understand the story I had just read. Short story or not there was a lot going on there.

After reading that first story I started to keep up on Clive Barker’s work and  became a Barker fan in part because the women in his stories over the years are as evil and twisted as their male counterparts and I found that  refreshing.

When the  Hellraiser movie came out I was probably at the head of the line at the theater and I’m sorry to say that a little ways into the movie I was having a lot of  WTF moments but I went with it when Pin Head showed up because I got that this was his movie and he didn’t have a lot to do with the story I read but that was ok.

I liked his voice.

I haven’t seen the new Hellraiser movie yet, though I probably will. I don’t have a problem with reboots. I mean people need to lighten up on that topic. The thing about a story is, whether you like it or not it’s going to change with each re-telling. I’m fine with that. I guess that if you’re the one attempting the reboot you really need to keep in mind that people have a clear idea about who these characters are and adding to the character’s richness is cool taking away from that isn’t such a good idea.

From the bits I’ve seen, the new Pinhead has been added to, fleshed out, as it were so I have high hopes for her:

I think I’ll add this to one of my 13 days to Halloween movies list- that’s where I spend the 13 days watching  13 films.  I’ll keep you posted about the 13 Days deal in an upcoming post.

Till them- keep it scary.


#100dayofhalloweenhappy: MOVIES

Knock Knock Knock


From Halloween Night until November midnight on November 2nd

my family would leave a candle burning in the window so that the Spirits of our loved

ones would be able to find their way home to us

and behind a door we would leave a little plate of food so that they could refresh

themselves after their long journey.


I don’t know why we started to do that, but when it wasn’t Halloween we usually kept

the doors in our house closed and whoa be to the person who left one open.


Some of our holiday customs can be packed up in colorful totes and stowed away for a

year, but when I think about it the reason we have those traditions never gets packed



They haunt us year round.


Photographer Unknown