Treat Time!


Are these tricks or treats? Are they sweet or sour?

The choice is yours.

Bon  Appétit

I might try this:

Bill Hader was unaware that Bill Skarsgârd could actually move his eyes in two different directions. He asked Skarsgârd what kind of editing was done to achieve the effect in the first movie. Skarsgârd; in full costume and makeup, responded by saying, “Oh, you mean this?”, causing Hader to freak out

VHS Pillows-  if you google VHS horror movie pillows you’ll find a bunch of vendors who sell  pillows similar  these. However the person who posted this picture to the group I’m in did not respond when asked where these could be purchased, so I’m guessing this was just a picture they ran across on the net with no explanation.

I thought these were sweet treats- what about you?

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