The Happy Lil Plague Doctor


Over the weekend Luis visited our Granddaughter and he decided to give her a gift (because he has never done that before hahahahahaha)

Seriously. This gift giving was different in that he was in Wisconsin, and he could give Jemma her gift in person instead of having it delivered by USPS or UPS.

It’s more fun that way, isn’t it?

I won’t keep you in suspense, Jemma was enchanted by this gift.

Her Papa Luis gave her a Plague Mask- they’re all the rage with Wednesday Addams fans ( lol) so Jemma was pretty excited to get one.

Photo by L.S Moscoso

The pretty ( scary) face under the mask:

Jemma Photo by L.S Moscoso

Jemma also pointed out that her scary mask could also double as a Wizard’ s hat:

Photo by L.S Moscoso

Happy one day closer to Halloween everybody! I hope you gave a scary mask in your future too.

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