His Name Was Wolfgang

Fandango’s Dog Days of August #6: Pets

The term ‘soulmate’ is grossly over used.

People use it to describe someone they feel ‘bound to’, ‘fated to be with’ and when I hear it song, poems or on TV I smell patchouli and I hear strains of ” Nights In White Satin” (VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT )

However, I don’t find the concept improbable.

My soulmate was my cat Wolfgang.

He took care of me when I was sick, he attacked people who made me angry ( and I mean, if he had been a dog…the outcome would have been horrific for all involved ) and he got into some heated battles with dogs and won. He was always by my side or nearby and he taught my dogs to be cats.

We watched a meteor shower together and we even saw a ghost once- really. Sometimes when I was sleeping I’d wake up and he’d be sitting on my chest, staring down into my face because he was either soaking wet and wanted me to dry him off or he had an abscess that had popped and we wanted me to clean the gunk off.

His best friend ( besides me ) was a Racoon.

Wolfie and the Racoon used to eat together on the porch and then toddle off into the woods to do whatever a racoons and cats do when they disappear into the darkness together.

So why do I think he was my Soulmate?

Well, when he died at almost 18 years of age…part of me did too, I felt it.

That’s how I know.

His name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and if there is an after life, I hope his is the first face I see when I get there.


Wolfgang- about 8 weeks old. Photo by A.M. Moscoso
Wolfie- the size of a Big Gulp. He grew up to be a BIG cat and weighed a healthy 18 Pounds- not fat, all muscle. He was something else.
Wolfie-Photo A.M. Mosocoso


Blitzer’s Delight

Putting my Feet In The Dirt Writing #2 : Delights and Deliciousness

Blitzer 2007 by A.M. Moscoso

Once I pulled a bird- I think it was a sparrow, out of my cat’s mouth.

I had seen Blitzer leap out of my Cherry Tree and snatch the bird midflight out of the air and I watched them land on the ground, they were almost at my feet.

Blitzer looked up at me, his eyes were almost closed, he was purring so loud his body shook and his tail was swooshing from side to side, gently in the grass.

I reached down and pushed gently on either side of Blitzer’s jaws and he opened his mouth and the bird flew away.

We both watched it escape-because Blitzer’s eyes were wide open, mine certainly were.

I think the sky was blue that day and it was full of screaming crows.

Then Blitzer got up, rubbed his head against my calf and then he curled his tail around my ankle in a gesture my Son’s used to call a ” tail kiss ” and sauntered off into my herb garden…

where no doubt, he waited for another sparrow to fly by and this time I wouldn’t be there to coax his mouth open to free it and spoil his fun.

On the other hand, I guessed then and I’m sure now that I didn’t spoil all of Blitzer fun because it wasn’t the eating part of pulling down small animals that Blitzer found satisfying and delicious

It was the hunt that he found delightful.