Welcome To A Pawsome Caturday!

Paul Koudounaris

Do you know what never gets old? Caturday.  So let’s go way back to see how
we celebrated Caturday in ancient times.
In doing my extensive and very well researched hunt for Caturday material
I”ve decided I really like Roman cats.
They look a little psycho. I like that in my cats, don’t you?
Happy Caturday Everybody!

Mosaic from Pompeii Roman 1st Century CE (2)

The timeless and probably Universal Code.

Cat proving who is REALLY God around here: The Mouth of Truth, Rome, Italy. The massive marble mask weighs about 1300 kg and probably depicts the face of the sea titan god Oceanus.

Cat ambushing birds Pompeii, 1st Century Ad

It’s A Super Duper Caturday!

Let’s celebrate Caturday, with a super duper song about cats!

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

It’s Caaaaturdayyyyyy

Sometimes cats make me laugh and sometimes they make me wonder how the human

race made it to the top of the food chain when we had to compete with cats with saber teeth.

A Smilodon, or Saber-Toothed Cat

Mock them now, but I have the feeling that they are laughing right back at us.