Mr. Motormouth

RDP Friday – Enough!

He rides my train with three other guys from the construction crew he works with and when he does the air around us is filled with the sounds of his voice- and his voice alone.

He hasn’t a clue or he doesn’t care that when he spouts off his co-workers really never add to what he’s saying, or he doesn’t care.

Like, during the protests he was telling everyone what kind of guns he was going to put into his car, ‘ just in case he had to defend himself’.

He brags what a nice car he has and how his girlfriend has not so reliable car and that when she asked for a ride to work, he told her to call for a Lyft or a cab.

He wasn’t going to let her, ‘ mooch off of him ‘. he loudly and proudly announced.

That was the only time I ever heard the guys with him expand on what he said. One said if his wife wanted a car, he’d get her one.

The other guy said Mr Motormouth was an asshole and the third guy pretended to be asleep.

So what a big surprise, Mr. Motormouth who is required to wear a mask at work has decided anyone who wears one out in public or as required by ordinances are ignorant of the law.

Yesterday he told everyone ( he was out of the 10 people in my car, one of the three not wearing a mask ) that the Governor’s law was illegal because it discriminated against people who didn’t wear masks.

Plus he said, it’s not enforceable.

So ha ha on everyone wearing a mask.

He said over and over again, the Governor can’t make or enforce laws that discriminate against people. Plus, there are people with health conditions that will suffocate and die if they wear a mask and what about them?

Mr. Motormouth.

Patriot,Legal Scholar, defender of people with disabilities- shooting his big mouth off and spraying his germs all over everyone sitting around him, or walking by him.

I wonder if he would wear a mask if we told him he could make everyone in the car sick and then who would he have to Motor his Mouth off at for 40 minutes a day?

I bet he’d glue that mask to his face.

That’s what I would put money on.

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From The American Lung Association:

Myth #3:

If you have asthma, you should wear a disposable mask when in public areas to help limit COVID-19 exposure.


Current guidance from the CDC says that commercially-available masks – like N-95s and surgical masks – should be reserved for people who are already sick and healthcare workers that interact with those patients.  

But up to one in four individuals infected with COVID-19 might have no symptoms or very mild symptoms, and may be unknowingly spreading the virus.  The use of a cloth face covering – whether that is a handmade cloth mask, bandana or scarf – can help slow the spread of COVID-19.  These types of masks are not intended to protect the wearer, but to protect against the unintended transmission – in case you are an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus. If you have respiratory symptoms (e.g., fever, sneezing, cough, shortness of breath), you should stay home unless directed by your healthcare provider to see medical care and then you should wear a mask to prevent spreading your droplets to others.

Debunking myths about wearing masks:

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – There are many myths about masks and it is safer to understand what types of masks are okay for your safety.

The Director of Critical Care at Grand Strand Health says that cloth masks are adequate and recommended for the general public to use.

There has been speculation that wearing one can make you sick by breathing freshly exhaled carbon dioxide.

“It’s just not really the case,” said Dr. Thad Golden, Director of Critical Care at Grand Strand Health. “In other words it doesn’t restrict your breathing enough to create a problem for most people. For the general population the take home message is they are safe to use and important to use especially now during this flare.”

Dr. Golden says that people with severe respiratory illnesses may have trouble breathing with a mask on and should speak with their doctor.

Tired of Singing The Blues

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: The Blues

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My son Nico gave me an Gift Card for Mother’s Day and normally I use those to add to my Gargoyle collection. I do have a neat collection thanks to Nico.

But this year I decided to change it up a bit.

I decided to start working out at home – because unlike some states our Governor isn’t insane and he didn’t open up gyms. Not that I’d go to one, but my point is I know I have to do something because I feel like I am in a rut.

A big, giant rut.

And then it came to me.

In the past I used to work out to Richard Simmons Sweatin’  collection and yes they did work and I did get fit and  yes I did have fun. I still have my DVD collection, but Richard has done a lot more since the Sweatin’ Days so I used my Gift Card to buy some of the more recent work out dvd’s and I only had to buy one accessory  and all of it will be here in June.


I am hoping that some exercise helps my wonky knee and I’m hoping it helps my attitude because both are in need of some work. Besides, it would be nice to have some fun while I’m getting fit as opposed to getting fit before I show up in a Yoga Class or whatever it is the all of the kids are doing nowadays.

The long and short of it is, the Coronavirus is here to stay and I need a boost so that I don’t feel so worn down by it all and that when I’m feeling the Blues music is involved

I think that this might be a step in the right direction.

Richard Simmons Youtube Channel HERE


PS I Hate Your Guts

Yesterday I was watching the news, and one of the health experts that was being interviewed suggested that when families from different households get together over the holidays that they eat before they get together and just enjoy the company- while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing- and of course people who are high risk should probably not be there.

You know, the holidays are going to be bust and I’ll probably skip it this year. Besides I am notorious for buying the wrong gifts and not cooking the right foods and always showing up on the scruffy side because I manage to not wear the right thing too.

I am tired of this stupid life and this stupid world and I am tired of idiots screeching for their ‘freedoms’ and I am tired of encouraging people who are doing the right things.

I  hate this life we have with abandon- for some reason my enthusiasm for that has not waivered.

RDP Wednesday – FATIGUE

Feel The Noise?

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It is so quiet outside.

It’s not just that people aren’t going to work, or hanging out at whatever stores they can get into where like Walmart- where it will interest you to know the Coronavirus does not exists so there so you can meander and wander around all you want. I don’t know that for a fact. I hate Walmart and don’t shop there, but I know people who do.

No, it’s cemetery quiet outside in the real world.

That’s why I have chosen this song for Jim Adams Song Lyric Sunday where the theme is togetherness.

I decided upon Slade’s ” Cum on Feel The Noize ” because even my friends and family who are under Stay At Home Orders in a house full of people they still  feel separate from the world and each other.

So, if you gotta start feeling something together… feel the noise.  It’s fun. Remember fun?

I do.


Baby baby baby!

So you think I got an evil mind, well I’ll tell you honey
And I don’t know why
And I don’t know why
So you think my singing’s out of time, well it makes me money
And I don’t know why
And I don’t know why
Oh no

So come on, feel the noise
Girls, grab your boys
We get wild, wild, wild
We get wild, wild, wild
So come on, feel the noise
Girls, grab your boys
We get wild, wild, wild
At your door

So you say I got a funny face, I ain’t got no worries
And I don’t know why
And I don’t know why
Say I’m a scruff bag well it’s no disgrace, I ain’t in no hurry
And I don’t know why
I just don’t know why
Oh no

So come on, feel the noise
Girls, grab your boys
We get wild, wild, wild
We get wild, wild, wild
So come on, feel the noise
Girls, grab your boys
We get wild, wild, wild
At your door

So you think we have a lazy time, well you should know better
And I don’t know why
I just don’t know why
And you say I got a dirty mind, well I’m a mean go-getter
And I don’t know why
And I don’t know why
Oh no

So come on, feel the noise
Girls, grab your boys
We get wild, wild, wild
We get wild, wild, wild
So come on, feel the noise
Girls, grab your boys
We get wild, wild, wild
At your door

So come on, feel the noise (come on, come on)
Girls, grab your boys (grab your boys)
We get wild, wild, wild (we get wild)
We get wild, wild, wild (yeah)

So come on, feel the noise (feel it, feel it)
Girls, grab your boys (grab ’em, grab ’em)
We get wild, wild, wild (we get wild)
We get wild, wild, wild (we get wild)

Come on, feel the noise (can you feel it, can you feel it?)
Girls, grab your boys (feel the noise)
We get wild, wild, wild (come on, get wild)
We get wild, wild, wild (get wild)

So come on, feel the noise (come on, come on, come on)
Girls, grab your boys (feel the noise)
We get wild, wild, wild
We get wild, wild, wild

Prompt: Song Lyric Sunday- Relationships

Open Sez ME!

Fandango’s Provocative Question #68-Do you think it’s premature for states to be lifting the stay-at-home, shelter-in-place, and social distancing restrictions?

This is the face of the people who don’t care if they have the Coronavirus and can pass it on with fatal results to you, to your Grandma, to your neighbor’s  child with underlying health conditions, to their own family.

This is the face of  conservatives I know that have railed against ‘losing jobs’ even though, like some conservatives I know,  they were deemed essential workers. I was not deemed essential and I was out of work for a month. I didn’t go on screeds about it, I didn’t pout, I didn’t hump a gun. I got through it.

It goes without saying though, you don’t need to have a penis to ‘man up’.

This is the face of those ” Patriots ” that feel  the need to carry a gun to a protest in a government building where, if heaven forbid someone takes a shot, the police will not ask if you are a bad guy while you’re standing there with a gun in your hands before they make that decision on their own . Much like the Coronavirus there’s no telling how badly you will be affected by that decision until it hits you.

This is the face of  a person who I am supposed to listen to, whose views I should consider when it comes time to make the hard call about how far out there I am willing to go as things slowly open back up in my state.

This is the face of someone  who wants everybody  up and at ’em because he wants to go to bars and sporting events and whatever it is he FEELS like doing because who the hell are YOU to tell this ‘ Murican  no?

As my home state is slowly opening things back up, the people with this face in the picture above, will be glad to know that at the station where I catch my train there are people coughing and sneezing all over their fellow passengers because they don’t ‘do’ social distancing.  There are people who laugh at other people who are wearing masks because in their world view,mocking people who are wearing a mask shows you are a ” Patriot”

At this point, I might surprise you because I’m not a total negative nelly about easing restrictions.

I think we have learned some good tips on how to minimize our risk to catching the Coronavirus.

So. Sure. Let’s get on with our lives.

I would like you to keep this in mind:

I was going to work in Seattle during the height of the Coronavirus and in that time  I had a bug that tried to take me down back in February and I was out of sorts and not feeling well all the way into March.

If you don’t think that I’m still not worried that I was sick and could have passed that bug onto someone who it really hurt, then you have no soul my friend . It is totally absent from  your being.

As a favor because you are lacking in that department- let me give you a bit of advice.

You would look a little less like a self righteous tool if as you ‘take your life’ back, you remember the people who have died  a horrific and lonely death and quit bitching about how much it has inconvenienced you as you go about it.


Masks Off

Tuesday RDP: unmask

In “The Masque of the Red Death,” the poor are sacrificed to disease so the rich can keep their comfortable lives.

It’s only a story.

Isn’t it?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

“And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay. And the flames of the tripods expired. And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.”
― Edgar Allan Poe, The Masque of the Red Death


Start Early Krampus!

Dear Krampus

Why wait until Christmas to pay us a visit?

As you know, we are dealing with Covid-19 and some of us are acting responsibly.

Some of us were laid off from work but we aren’t reaching for guns and ropes and threating elected officials to let us get back to getting tattoos and facials and expecting restaurant staff to risk their lives to serve us food and coffee and cheesecake-OR ELSE.

We aren’t crowding to beaches because we might pick up a virus that could kill someone who lives next door to us, or someone in our family.

However some of us are doing ALL of those things- and like every spoiled brat you have ever stuffed into a sack people are doing these things because they don’t want to be told ” No” and the temper tantrums that are being thrown could be more serious then those in the past.

Given that you have a bumper crop of brats of all sizes and ages you might want to start early this year. I wouldn’t want you to get frazzled.

Sincerely Yours



Solid Burn-Once Upon A Virus

Well. It’s hard to argue with the points- they used Trump’s quotes and Trump’s actions and they used Legos.

I like legos….so I’m not down with them being “politicized”

Just kidding, I thought it was an awesome use of Legos.

This is a video from China with luv.

I guess it’s up to you how you feel about it.