To Heck With You

RDP Sunday: Aghast

Gertrude Abercrombie

Over the last few years until just a few days ago

I have had terminal illnesses carry away some members of my family and threaten the lives of others.

I’ve watched these people fight and watched their loved ones rise to  breathtaking heights of  bravery in the struggle that  they faced and it humbled me.

So if you are an Anti Vaxxer, if you are an Anti Masker and I had to sum you up, as an individual in one word,  I would ink this word on your forehead for all of the world to see:


It Rained Cats and Dogs… Mostly On The Dog

Today me and Hamish went on a walk with our family around Bradley Lake.

We vowed to walk our dogs around he Lake or to hike the trails around the park rain or shine. We could all use the exercise, ha.

So today we got tested because halfway through our walk the sky opened up and poured rain by the bucket fulls.

After a year of being in lockdown, of gritting our teeth it and getting through the day- the rain felt so good. So did we rush to our cars?

Heck no.

I took my hood down and got soaked and yes- it felt good.

Here are some pictures that my niece took of my dog Hamish. I think the look in his eyes speaks volumes about how he felt about the day.

Anita Marie

Photo Pualani Knapp

Photo Pualani Knapp

Photo Pualani Knapp

The Harvest

Linda G Hill’s  Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “Growth.” 

Over the past year I have learned somethings about myself- because when you are in lockdown you can either make it an effort to learn something  new everyday or you can hang around in your favorite fleece ( pajamas ) outfits and curse people out on facebook all day long.

I chose to learn, not because I like learning but I hate facebook so there is that.

This is what I learned.

I learned who my friends are. I learned that there are people in my life who care about me and that there are  ( were ) people in my life who literally did not care if I died. I mean it. Died as in wrapped in plastic and laying on a shelf in a morgue.

The beauty of it is, they’ve been popping up in my stories here and the people I really found myself thoroughly  disgusted with starred my highest traffic stories.

I also learned that my Christmas card list this year is going to be a lot shorter so I will save on postage . Actually I consider that a big effing PLUS because now I can buy fancier ( more expensive ) cards.

I guess I owe them some thanks.

Thank you .

I’ve also learned that going to the Symphony was a bigger deal to me then I realized.

Every season I’d buy my tickets, I’d buy new outfits, I’d go out of dinner and then I would go shopping and expand my CD collection because I’d go to the lectures before the performances and that was a great place to pick up info on composers who  influenced the music I was about to hear that night.

It was just something I did because I loved that entire experience.

What I learned was at the heart of it, what I actually enjoyed was that moment the  lights went down and the audience and the musicians took a collective breath and with that first note it felt like we were being lifted up and that we flew away- together.

It was magical.

That is what I actually loved and what I actually loved- that one little moment.

I can’t say that over the year I blossomed and found inner peace and that I only eat organic food now ( though I did stop eating beef  ). Much like the two faced jerks I let wander around my life like dandelion  floating across a well groomed lawn, I learned that beef wasn’t really necessary  plus it’s expensive and  cost me a lot.

There are seven more months left in this year and it would be a safe guess to say I just want to get it over with.

But what I learned after having 2020 stolen from a lot of us- and the previous three before it for the rest of us is this:

I’m sorry I gritted my teeth and just powered through them. I wish I had lived them more fully.

I won’t make that mistake again, I consider it a lesson learned.

In that, I have grown.


The Return of The Grim One

Word of The Day Challenge: BODACIOUS

I followed all the rules during the shut down, I kept following them when we went up a phase and some of us were lucky enough to have jobs to go back to.

There was one thing I did not do and it really upset me.

The one thing I did not do was wear the scary, macabre masks- like this one

or this one

Why you might ask.

Well. That’s simple.

Because EVERYONE was wearing them, plus there was no sport in trying to scare people who were already scared or primed for more horrors to come.

So I did not wear my skull face scarf mask during the winter and I did not break out my plague doctor mask (  you made these work by wearing a surgical mask under them, but they aren’t comfortable to wear without the surgical mask so I gave it a hard pass).

But now I am super excited because at the end of June Washington state opens back up and as of now fully vaccinated people  can opt out of wearing masks in most places.

Do you know what THAT means?

Oh yes baby, your Lil’ Grim one from My Enduring Bones gets to go back to her spooky looking masks and scarves…  how  BODACIOUS is this! Bring on June 30th…I’m ready!