The Return of The Grim One

Word of The Day Challenge: BODACIOUS

I followed all the rules during the shut down, I kept following them when we went up a phase and some of us were lucky enough to have jobs to go back to.

There was one thing I did not do and it really upset me.

The one thing I did not do was wear the scary, macabre masks- like this one

or this one

Why you might ask.

Well. That’s simple.

Because EVERYONE was wearing them, plus there was no sport in trying to scare people who were already scared or primed for more horrors to come.

So I did not wear my skull face scarf mask during the winter and I did not break out my plague doctor mask (  you made these work by wearing a surgical mask under them, but they aren’t comfortable to wear without the surgical mask so I gave it a hard pass).

But now I am super excited because at the end of June Washington state opens back up and as of now fully vaccinated people  can opt out of wearing masks in most places.

Do you know what THAT means?

Oh yes baby, your Lil’ Grim one from My Enduring Bones gets to go back to her spooky looking masks and scarves…  how  BODACIOUS is this! Bring on June 30th…I’m ready!

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