Six More Months!!!

There are

6 months and 1 day from April 30, 2021

to October 31, 2021

Here are some of my favorite Halloween Writing Prompts- they’re from an old school page but they are  fun:

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EXERCISE: Fearfully…
EXERCISE: Don’t Open The Door!
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EXERCISE: Fear and Trembling…
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It Does Not End Here


For some of us, after Halloween ends we  don’t think about ghost stories.

I am not ‘one of us’.

My family used to tell more ghost stories and watch more scary movies during the winter then almost any other time of the year and that includes the run up to Halloween.

I’m not sure why- other then maybe  the dark and cold brought out the devil in us.


What I’ve posted here are some prompts that I found on Tumblr that I think I will use to inspire me over the Christmas season – could be fun, don’t  you think?



Word of the Day Challenges: Urges

Photographer Unknown

The pumpkin fields by my house are empty-

not a single pumpkin was grown there this year


The abandoned farmhouse,

the cemetery down the road

not a soul is haunting them this year


The masks are faceless

the costumes have no bodies

the monsters have deserted us this year.


It’s going to be

a deathly quiet Halloween

but I still look forward to it

this  year.