Every Halloween

Inspired By ” The Writer’s 10 Halloween Writing Prompt- Tunnel Vision


We all have little rituals.

Some of us buy fancy expensive underwear and chocolates  to hand out for Valentines Day.  Some of us eat Waffles on Sunday.  Some of us get tattoos every time we pop out another child.

My ritual is a special one and I look forward to performing  it every Halloween.

On Halloween I kill you,  sometimes I do it  more then once because, darn it-it feels good.

I guess this is the part where I mention that you turn up in various stages of decay in the stories I write- sometimes you are already dead and the part you get is that of a rotting corpse. Other times you get done in by a Devil or a psychopath.

Once I baked you in a pie.

It was yummy, I mean the story was yummy. It was funny too. And well written, if that counts for anything.

For the curious, you worked your way into this special ritual because when I told you my nephew had died from a terminal illness- that you knew about because I told you about it when we learned seven years before that at the age of 14 he would probably be dead by the time he was in his early 20’s,

you sent me this message

That was all you said about my nephew’s death.  I wouldn’t have wished his death on anyone, not even you. But to be honest sometimes I do.  Yeah.  Honestly. Sometimes I do.

So let me take away the  mystery, let me erase any doubts, let me make myself perfectly clear. In  August when I start setting up my blog for Halloween and the body count racks up around here, I just want you to know, so that there is no question about it  that in that pile of ink stained corpses is you.

For the record, I toss in a few more people into that pile- people who betrayed my trust, were mean to my dogs, you know who you are ( wink wink ). But you my dear and special friend  I kill you every Halloween, sometimes more then once because-

unlike you my Soul might be dark but it is not empty.


Home Late



She heard her husband walking down the hall to the kitchen where she was standing at the sink. She always stood there when she was stuck on what to make for dinner.

” Something followed me home from the bus stop. ” Dewey told his wife from the doorway ” that’s why I’m late. I kept stopping and turning around the way you do and Ruby for sure. Something followed me home. ”

Ruby leaned over the sink and looked out the kitchen window. ” It’s foggy tonight. I guess you wouldn’t be able to see much of anything.”

” That’s a fact. But I could smell it Ruby and it smelled bad. Really bad.”

Ruby was still looking out the window. ”  Was it really that foul? ”

“I’ll say. It made my eyes water. What do you suppose it could be Ruby? ”

Ruby went to the back door and before she opened it she looked back at Dewey and her long black tongue shot out of her mouth and her yellow eyes burned in her pale face. ” Dinner. ” she told him.

The door slammed behind her and Dewey went to the cabinet where they kept their dinnerware and butcher knives and then he began to set the table.

Inspired by The Halloween Prompt: Weird Neighbors With A Secret.

It’s A Heck Of A Thing

Years and years and years ago I picked up book called Night Visions ( anthology ) because I was a Ramsey Campbell fan. I read  his story first and at some point I started to read one called the Hellbound Heart- I read it through and at the end  of it I thought, ” well that was weird. ”

Then I read it a few more times and thought I should check this Clive Barker guy out  because I think I wanted to  understand the story I had just read. Short story or not there was a lot going on there.

After reading that first story I started to keep up on Clive Barker’s work and  became a Barker fan in part because the women in his stories over the years are as evil and twisted as their male counterparts and I found that  refreshing.

When the  Hellraiser movie came out I was probably at the head of the line at the theater and I’m sorry to say that a little ways into the movie I was having a lot of  WTF moments but I went with it when Pin Head showed up because I got that this was his movie and he didn’t have a lot to do with the story I read but that was ok.

I liked his voice.

I haven’t seen the new Hellraiser movie yet, though I probably will. I don’t have a problem with reboots. I mean people need to lighten up on that topic. The thing about a story is, whether you like it or not it’s going to change with each re-telling. I’m fine with that. I guess that if you’re the one attempting the reboot you really need to keep in mind that people have a clear idea about who these characters are and adding to the character’s richness is cool taking away from that isn’t such a good idea.

From the bits I’ve seen, the new Pinhead has been added to, fleshed out, as it were so I have high hopes for her:

I think I’ll add this to one of my 13 days to Halloween movies list- that’s where I spend the 13 days watching  13 films.  I’ll keep you posted about the 13 Days deal in an upcoming post.

Till them- keep it scary.


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