Halloween Writing Prompts 2019

I have a three word ( or so ) Halloween themed writing challenge set up at my other blog, Danse Macabre ( HERE )

If you’d like a little inspiration or just want to have a little fun go over there and check it out- don’t forget to pingback or leave a link in the comment section there if you take one up.

Trick or Treat

Anita Marie


Halloween Writing Challenge At Danse Macabre

Starting on October 1st, I’m going to be posting writing challenges at

Danse Macabre.

 The theme is going to be Halloween and each challenge will include three words and a picture for you to use in your response or for you to use as a bit of inspiration.

But I hope you won’t wait until the 1st to visit us, stop on by anytime.

Day. Or. Night.

Hope to see you there!