A Dark and Airless World

Random Halloween Prompts: DARK

Jan Mankes

I wondered why, when I saw this picture I thought it was downright creepy.

It looked like the trees were dying, that they were starving, that the life was being choked out of them. I think it was that blueish gray color. It was corpse like.

And then, because I was obviously in a macabre frame of mind I decided I wasn’t looking at trees. I was looking inside of a lung- the tops of the trees looked like alveolis and the branches and trunks looked like bronchioles.

So after going over the picture I googled the artist and found out that  Jan Mankes died at the age of 30- of tuberculosis.

Jan painted a dark and airless world and it wasn’t a landscape- it was  self portrait.

A terrifying and beautiful self portrait.


Halloween Prompt Challenge- ACCEPTED

I found this great list of Halloween Writing Prompts and decided that starting in OctoberI will post my responses.

If you’d like to join in, post your links ( any time ) in the comment section.

Trick or Treat!


  • Weird new neighbours with a secret
  • A doll or stuffed animal that is alive
  • Waking up sealed in a wall, in a coffin, or in an electric chair
  • A terrifying dark place, such as a basement, attic, or cellar
  • Walking alone in a graveyard
  • Waking up in a room with no doors, windows – no way to get out
  • Fear of and contact with spiders or snakes
  • Scary clowns chasing someone
  • A door that appears in a wall that leads to another world
  • Waking up with no eyes, or nose, or mouth
  • The discovery that a family member is a serial killer
  • A repetitive scary noise without any apparent source
  • Objects suddenly flying off surfaces and crashing on the floor
  • A Halloween pumpkin or scarecrow coming alive
  • Opening the door to the scariest costume ever
  • Being lost in the woods at night and something following you
  • Waking up in an insane asylum with a straight jacket on
  • Finding out you had a close relative you knew nothing about that was insane
  • Garden gnomes and other cement decorations of people and animals come alive
  • A mannequin in a department store that is alive
  • Making the mistake of stealing from witches
  • Neighbours suddenly start dropping dead for no apparent reason
  • A glance in the mirror reveals fangs and a hairy face
  • Waking up in your bed and seeing the floor covered with snakes
  • Dating someone you discover is not human
  • Losing any knowledge of who you are or where you live
  • Your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere or the most dangerous part of town

Six More Months!!!

There are

6 months and 1 day from April 30, 2021

to October 31, 2021

Here are some of my favorite Halloween Writing Prompts- they’re from an old school page but they are  fun:

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