Chilly Bones

My inspiration for ” Chilly Bones ” came from Welcome To October Day 1: Prompts to Put Us In A Spooky Mood  at the Experience Writing Blog

I used a mind map provided in the post and I TRIED to stick to the suggested form The Pantoum,  for my poem, but I’m going to have to practice that ( it looks like fun so I’m looking forward to it)

I’m looking forward to catching up and continuing this months Challenges!


AI Artwork-Creator Unknown

My dark house is empty

the doors have all been nailed shut

cool wind chills it’s brittle bones

and warms it’s icy heart.


There’s a stain on the floor in the kitchen

and another outside my bedroom door

it’s a map left by a traveler,

who sleeps in the basement alone.


Sometimes I dream about him

and the rusty knife he held in his hand

and sometimes he has nightmares about me

and what sharp teeth I had.


The world outside swirls around us

and sometimes it finds it’s way inside

and if I hear it, if it devours my quiet

I make it wail and cry.


My house is dark and empty

all of the doors have been nailed shut

there are no windows, but I keep dead flowers

in a shattered vase near the front steps.

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