Monster Monster

Experience Writing Prompt: Fear Is A Monster

“Design Committee” by Aaron Jasinski

A dark heart driven to be beat by anger

instead of blood it is feuled by despair

razor sharp teeth,  curled cruel  claws

freed from their prison of flesh and bone

when the Moon is full.

Photo J..M Moscoso

It was raining the night Agatha decided to become  a Vampire.

She was sitting on her porch, perched on a lawn chair covered with slick rotten autumn leaves and bird poo when a bolt of lightning hit the oak tree at the side of her yard and blew one of it’s limb off.

That lightning strike was a sign.

Tonight was the night she would leave the world of shopping on line, waiting  at the same bus stop at the end of her street to get on the bus in the morning that took her to work where one of her co-workers had shaved his head save for a top knot perched on top of his head.

He dyed it pink and it looked like a severed thumb had pushed it’s way out of his skull.

Good by and so long to all of that.

Tonight was the night she would  fly free from this dull colorless world  just  the lightning  charred arm from her oak tree did.

She got up from her seat. She knew what she would tell her husband and her  two teenage children and of course their phones which had  replaced each of them  in this new world that had been createdy for them by their prefered cellphone carrier.

She pushed her living room door open, she strode down the hall to their dining room and she bellowed  as she kicked a fallen chair over on her way into the half lit room

” I’ve decided that tonight I am going to become a monster. Tonight I’m going to become a Vampire, a merciless cold blooded killer. What do you think of that?”

From their places around the table where her family were sitting with their faces in their plates, their breakfast food clotted with vomit and blood leaving half dried  gelatinous  masses haphazardly splattered on the cream colored linen table cloth, had her family been able to say anything, the words ” are you crazy” would not have been among them.

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    • I asked myself, if you take the romance out of becoming a vampire, what would it look like and that’s what I saw. On the other hand you could take the same scenario, put the romantic aspects to it and it would be as effective. The prompt picture you put up helped me see that

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