Golly Gee! It’s That Time of The Year


Four days ago it seemed like Halloween was light years away and every once and awhile the Universe would mock me and a little ping would show up on my radar.

You know, something pumpkin or ghost related would turn up on a shop shelf, or I’d come across a Halloween themed music CD in my collection.

But of course that moment would be gone- the decoration was old and shopworn and probably made it out of the stockroom on accident and the CD would get put back in with the rest of the CD’s that I listen to in the Fall and I’d go back to listening to Robert Johnson or Tom Waits ( who can keep my Macabre self happy year round).

“I hate Summer, ” I’d pout and eventually I’d work my way into a rage of sorts.

“Halloween is never going to get here, never!” I’d scream into my Summer filled world that was full of flip flops, tanned sweaty skin and cold refreshing drinks.

And then a few days ago I was dating my Manifest and Transfers at work. I looked at the date. I checked the calander on my phone, I checked it on my computer and then I went into full Scrooge Mode:

” I don’t know what to do! I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a school-boy. I am as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Christmas to every-body! A happy New Year to all the world! Hallo here! Whoop! Hallo!”

– A Christmas Carol

Go ahead and substitute Halloween, but you get the picture.

It was September 1st and my Jack O Lantern, Halloween was 60 days away and on top of it we get a Friday the 13 in October which like a reward for having to suffer through the rest of the unfun seasonal days I have to suffer through to get to Autumn and Winter.

I wanted to pull out my Halloween Decorations, I wanted to take out my Halloween Music I want to jump into the black sky of Fall Nights and swim until I can’t swim and I drown in an ocean of cold winter stars with only the Harvest Moon for company.

Of course I pull myself up short because somethings are meant to be savored and Halloween and the long dark winter nights that will follow it are meant to be savored.

I’ve traveled a long way to get here-

Now it’s time to enjoy myself, to celebrate, to join the shadows that will be here soon.

One Night


Our neighborhood doesn’t get any Trick or Treaters anymore.

We haven’t had visits from ghosts or vampires or werewolves or mummies or a single witch for years.

Kids go to the Mall or to festivals. The houses around the Festivals get a lot of Trick or Treaters- but no the rest of us.

We all just sit around and eat candy that no one collects and we don’t even bother to carve pumpkins anymore.


On my way home from the movies, I asked Luis:

” Don’t you think it’s strange not to see a single Devil or Pirate or toilet paper streaming down from a tree or two?”

He said  it did seem odd.

” I think it’s depressing. Not a single costumed monster or little kids dressed up like food or candy.”

I searched through my purse and found my mints. Mints calm me when I start to feel stressed.

” One night, one night where anyone can be anything they want and be rewarded for it. I despair for humanity.”

Luis said he saw my point.

” I love Halloween so. ” I said and then I popped another mint and rolled the window down and let the crisp night chill my bones a little.


When we got home our street was pumpkinless, decoration free, there wasn’t a ghoul or a zombie or a hippie to be seen.

” I guess that’s it for tonight. What a bust. Guess we can turn in for the evening.” I pouted.

” We could still go out, ” Luis said touching my cheek which began to grow wider as my jaw grew heavier and fine silver whisps of fur began to spread from my forehead down my throat to my widening rib cage.

” I’d stick out like a sore thumb. One night. I used to have one night o go out and be like everybody else. People suck. I hope they all get brain rot from their cellphones.”

I got out of our car and slammed the car door shut,  and  then I dropped to my knees and fell forward.

I let out a howl.

Then I sadly trailed up the walk to our door,  dragging my tail behind me.

Halloween Is Fun at SLF

I have this cauldron  at my workstation in my warehouse-

Halloween Treats For My Co-Workers!


I know I  am such a giver….however

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

Sorry Guys,

The PEZ are for display purposes only and by the time you get to work the  PEZ candy will be gone and the Pez Dispensers will be under lock and key.

Can’t have a treat without a trick.


Waiting To Danse

JNW’S Halloween Challenge: Skeleton


I think our Bones

get weary

of having to wear our skin


I think they’d like to

peel it off

and let the darkness in


Our skulls are always laughing



our skeletons are very aware

they will danse without us

cool and dry and bare.



Aunt Domino’s Sewing Room


” Tia, do you know the story about the Gates to Hell, you know, the real story. Not one of those made up ones.”

Harley’s Aunt Domino was sitting in a chair in her sewing room, working on one of her needlepoint projects.

” Go ask you Uncle. ”

” But he told me to ask you- he said you’re the one that traveled all over the world back in the day. He said you’d know. Come on Tia, I really want a good story to tell at the Halloween Party tonight. And thank you Tia for letting me have it here. You’re the best. ”

”  You’re welcome Sweetness.  Now. I’ve seen some strange things. Did I tell you I’ve seen a witch making a deal with the devil and ghosts drowning at Sea- forever poor things-  and I watched a dead woman wind her way down a tree like a snake? Oh wait, I’ve seen that at least three times. Those post mortem possessions are a dime a dozen. Never mind.

” But no Gate to Hell?”

Domino put her needlepoint down and reached for her Niece’s hand. ” I’m sorry sweetness. No. I’ve never been to one or seen one. But I do have a nice collection of shrunken heads you can use at your party. How’s about that?”

Harley’s disappointment fell away from her face, ” Did you make them yourself?”

” I certainly did. But you might want to leave that part out. Be careful with them though. You know what happens when the stitches come loose from their mouths. ”

” Yes Tia, I know.”

” Good girl. Now take care of them, they’re my treasures you know.”

” I will.” Harley happily sprinted out of the room and Domino called after her, ” Harley. Harley come back here. Shut that door now. ”

” Sorry Tia.”

” It’s okay, ” Domino picked her needlepoint back up. ” Wouldn’t want somebody wandering in here by accident. They’d have a devil of a time trying to get away from  your Tia once they come through that door,  wouldn’t they?”

Domino smiled down into her needlepoint hoop and Harley’s face lit up like a Jack -O-Lantern.

” You’re the best Tia ” Harley cried as she ran out of the room and pulled the door closed behind her.

” Yes. ” Domino said, “Yes I am.”