Halloween Windows

Take a look and a listen through these Halloween windows from the early 1900’s- they are spooktacular!

The High Hatters – Spell Of The Blues Victor Military Band – Spooky Spook by Victor Military Band (1917) Isham Jones – I’ll See You in My Dreams (1924) Collins & Harlan – The Ghost Of The Saxophone (1917) Edna Brown & The American Quartet – Mysterious Moon (1912) American Quartet – That Mysterious Rag (1911) Walter J Van Brunt & Maurice Burkhardt – The Ghost Of The Violin (1912) Peerless Quartet – The Ghost Of The Ukulele (1917) Edward Claypoole – Spooky Spooks (1916) Clarence Wiley – Carbarlick Acid Rag (1904) Bessie Smith – Haunted House Blues American Symphony Orchestra – Hallowe’en Dance (1909) Earl Fuller’s Rector Novelty Orchestra – Graveyard Blues (1918) Dan Quinn – More Work for the Undertaker (1902) The Peerless Quartet – The Ghost Of The Terrible Blues (1915) The Premier Quartet – That Syncopated Boogie-Boo (1913) Helen Gross & The Kansas City Five – Undertaker’s Blues (1924) Maurice Burkhart – At The Devil’s Ball (1913) American Quartet – The Skeleton Rag (1912)

Little Windows

Open each of these windows and take in the sounds of Halloween- and more.