A Muse Me

Photo by David Bartus

We can be moved by


or by trains and dreams and time

We can be moved by


and a kiss or a promise or pain

We can be captured by


and disappear into it

as if

we never were.

Move me

I say to that song, that story,  those splashes of colors

on  canvas, on a wall, on skin

every chance I get.


Daily Addictions Prompt: Transport

Sweet No More

She should have been a ballerina

a Girl Scout

a collector of dolls.

She should have had a sweet laugh

her hair should have been in pigtails

her knee socks should have matched.

When did the darkness settle

in her eyes, fill her heart

when did it murder

her laugh?

When was the monster born

and when exactly

did that little girl die?


Daily Addictions Prompt: ATROCITY