Margaritas and Cupcakes

There are two holidays that I will throw myself into, headfirst with  blind gelato bingeing passion:

Halloween and my dog Hamish’s Birthday.

I missed Hamish’s first birthday because I was in Las Vegas- every time I think about that I feel guilty and buy him some new toys. I buy him toys buy Kong- which means I blow some serious coin on toys that he drops into mud puddles or drowns in his swimming pool ( you read that right, he has a swimming pool) when he gets tired of them.

My guilt knows no budget.

So this is how I feel about Hamish Birthday and Halloween as a rule:

They need to be bankers holidays.

I want businesses  to close, I want stamps and coins minted in their honor and if you even think about making gluten free treats on those days instead of real treats that make your teeth scream in agony before the sugar even crosses your lips I will personally show up at your house and kick you out of the human race.

I do like Holidays for the most part- they’re fun, some involve food and music and if you don’t get the day off,  other people do and your commute to work is a light one.

I just don’t want to take bankers holidays seriously, I don’t want to be forced to reflect on the day if I don’t want to and I don’t want to argue about their significance to the world or the community or the greeting card industry.

Who’s with me on this?

I should mention, cupcakes and margaritas are involved in my vision the new Banker’s Holiday calendar. If they were a staple of all the banker’s holidays I wouldn’t feel the need to cut so many of them loose.


Our Random View Prompt#71


Spider Island


The weekend are never long enough

the days are too short

and the nights, oh the nights

they rush by

leaving me short of breath

with an unforgiving clock for company.


I think I’ll visit Spider Island

where time is caught on fine light lines


waiting to feed, to craddle





I had a nightmare a few night ago about a group of people waiting on ferry dock to visit a place called Spider Island.

They had to agree to turn over their cars, which were locked up in cages.

I saw Spider Island once I  handed my keys to my car over:

I could see people wandering around a giant statue of a mushroom cloud with symbols and numbers  carved into it and before it was my turn to go over I grabbed my keys back and ran away.


Daily Post Prompt: Timely

operation just because

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

things i have done without question:

ordered gelato without asking for a sample first

jumped out of trees

fallen in love

let go of friends

drank something called a Toxic Baby

things i should have questioned:

why i bought a full length mirror

the last time i went on  diet

why i used to dress like an old woman

blindly going through life is not a good idea…

but it IS an idea all the same

and having an idea is better

then not having an idea

at all

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Daily Post Prompt: Blindly

You Lil’ Turkey You




I try to learn a new word or a check out some news from NASA because I like to try to lean one new thing a day- on purpose.

Today I wanted to know what happens when you fall into lava- I don’t know about you but when I was kid my favorite game was ” Hot Lava ” and when I would fall into the Lava I used to like to pretend I was turning into a Lava Monster. It’s funny how in a strange way I was right about that.

Here is my take away from  what I read:

You’ll stick to the  surface of the lava and you’ll cook just like a piece of steak in a frying pan. Your bones will cook too. I’m guessing there’s one big flash pain and then you turn into a charred shriveled horror.

I’m not sure if a lot of screaming is involved- maybe from the people watching. I’m not so sure about the Lava Surfer. Given that you start to cook right away I’m not sure how much noise you could make if your tongue is roasting in your mouth, but anything is possible.

Here’ a little something else  to keep in mind- if you fell into lava and cooked, you’d create  pretty impressive explosion. It’s called fountaining.

I’m not absolutely positive, but I would imagine that you hitting lava would be like one of those turkey in a deep fryer explosion- let’s take a look at it, shall we?

There are a billion ways to die, if I had to pick one I don’t think I’d pick the one where I end up like a turkey in a deep fryer mishap.

But I’d probably watch it on youtube- like the rest of the people who surfed the net and asked the same question I did today.


Writers Write Prompt: Daily