It Was Meant To Be

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Do you believe in fate/destiny?

Card game:Cards of Fate
J.H. Singerca. 1890

When I think about the people I know

the ones who believe that fate and destiny brought them their true love

and that house above the Sea

where the sunsets are always golden and the sunrises are full of birdsong

and everyone who lives next door to them

stands when they are told to stand and sit where they are told to sit

and if that snap collar around their neck was a little tight now and then,

digging into their flesh, why complain? Why fight it?

Fate did this, Destiny helped.

This was meant to be.


The people in my life who believe in fate and destiny

took what they wanted, and said what they had to say,  to convince the face that

looked back at the from their bathroom mirror with  that slightly skeptical look

that it was Fate and Destiny that brought them to where they are now

complete with snap collars and birdsong

through absolutely no fault of their own.


The Call
Paul Gauguin1902

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