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Inspired By  RDP Friday: Satyr

A wreathed infant Dionysos sits astride a leopard, an animal sacred to the god. The tall satyr blowing his horn at the front leads the procession to the right in search of the next vineyard.
Etcher: Wenceslaus Hollar (Bohemian, Prague 1607–1677 London)
Artist: After Pieter van Avont (Flemish, 1599–1652)


In the Spring, Nature goes a little crazy

like a teenagers and adults who take a look at that one face,

brush up against that one arm in a crowded room

and their blood starts to boil in the center of their gut and goes roaring through their

veins leaving them breathless and flushed and wondering if there is toilet paper stuck

to their shoe or a wad of  ketchup or chocolate coating their front teeth, did their

underwear have rips in it, did their socks match?

And if it doesn’t occur to them in that moment but it will one day

this was the only time they ever felt lust and love at the same exact


and that they didn’t care how lost they were and that they didn’t care if anyone would

ever find them and bring them back to their senses again.


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