You Know What? F$#@ You


So as near as I can figure it, instead of saying ” Keep those Syrians  out of the States” because you know- ain’t nobody home but us good ol’ God fearing folk- we’re certainly not racists.

Uh-Uh not us.

The way it works now is that all of a sudden the flag snappers are all on a screed about not helping Refugees until we help our HOMELESS Vets.

Oh since fucking WHEN has this country as a body cared about the Homeless let alone its Homeless Vets.

I have lots of friends who advocate for the Homeless and nobody is kicking down their door asking how they can help,

Until the Syrians started to RUN FOR THEIR LIVES I haven’t heard anyone put the  question about our Homeless and how it’s SUCH a high priority that we help them,

I work in Pioneer Square in Seattle, I see homeless Vets among the rest of the men at the Mission every morning and I have not seen ONE of you sons of bitches who are all of a sudden slamming things on social media about OUR HOMELESS VETS doing a damn thing when:

I carried a drunk guy semi-conscious out of the middle of the street ALONE because cars and buses were inching their way around him and I was terrified he’d get hit.

When I got him to the sidewalk and tried to get him to agree to let me get him a first aid car, I could see him struggling to talk.  I told him to take his time. He said something that I will never forget. ” This isn’t me Ma’am. This isn’t ME.” He said and I looked straight into his ruined eyes, past the sick on his face and said ” I know. “

I know there are Vets among the guys sleeping on the sidewalk and by the way, I don’t see the milk of human kindness or concern flowing from the people who step over these guys but I do hear a lot of ideas about how to run them out of town once and for all.

So screw you and your fake concern.

Don’t tell me you’re sticking up for our Vets- let alone the homeless ones.

You hate Syrians and Refugees more than you care about YOUR OWN.

The Homeless Vets have already served our Country.

Don’t you dare  serve your racist rants on their backs.



2 thoughts on “You Know What? F$#@ You

  1. Clapping hands. Clapping hands. Those who really feel like helping know there is enough “help” to extend to all–if they’d just do it. You said what needed to be said with great vigah, my dear! Good for you.

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