The Ruined Stairs


I got a little lost

on my way up the ruined stairs

Once I saw a shrouded figure here

and I know it saw me too.

But we passed each other like time, like death

and we never spoke a word.

I got a little lost

on my way up the ruined stairs

I wonder if I’ll ever reach the top

and what I will find

up there.


3 thoughts on “The Ruined Stairs

  1. It’s funny you should post this today: I work in a typical chrome and glass type of office building. Recently, one of the large glass panels in the front door shattered. I was chatting with a security officer this morning and asked her how it got broken. She said that it shattered on its own. They have video footage that shows it breaking without anyone near it or anything being thrown at it. I joked “maybe it was a ghost.” She got all serious…. “Well, the graveyard shift has seen and heard things…..” I guess there are apparitions flitting around the top floor at night. Good thing I am a day worker….. Looking forward to reading more stories….

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