The Knock On Maisie’s Door




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There was a knock on Maisie Grieves door late last night.

It thundered down the hallway to her sitting room and pounded against her ears and her chest with enough force to take her breath away.

She stood up from her chair, and walked towards her cold fireplace, her hands clutched to the front of her chest. ” Go away. Please go away.”

She heard it again.

And again.

And again.

” I can do this. I will do this. I will open the door and I will see who is there.”

Maisie walked slowly down the short dark hall to the front door.

 The knock became louder, more persistent, it insisted she move fast.

That she answer the door.

Maisie put her hand to the door, she lowered her head. ” Who is there?”

” It’s me. Where are you? ” she heard someone whisper. ” Are you there?”

Maisie nodded in the darkness.

” I’m here.”

Maisie Grieves reached for something leaning next to her door. And then she turned the knob with her free hand and the dark heavy door swung open and sunlight flooded the room behind her.

The room in front of her was a hospital room, the man on the bed looked through the people standing around his bed and he saw Maisie, scythe in her hand, her frame covered in her black shrouds, her face hidden in shadows.

 ” I’ve been waiting for you.” the man said from the bed. ” I’ve been waiting for you.”